Complete Pump Sets for Almost All Applications


Lutz, a reputable manufacturer of drum and container pumps

Lutz pumps have been used for many years for the transfer of acids and alkalis, explosive and easily flammable liquids, mineral oils, solvents etc. There is however more to it than a pump alone, suitable accessories are also very important.

In order to facilitate the best technical selection of the pump and to quickly find the most suitable pump for customers` application, the most important pump sets have been chosen.

The accessories are, wherever possible, pre-mounted. Simple installation makes the pump ready for action very quickly. The materials of pump and accessories are compatible with the liquid being pumped which assures safety in operation.

The operator has 10 different pump sets available for selection, ideal for the decanting nearly all thin-bodied liquids.

A pump set for transferring acids and alkalis would typically consist of motor, pump tube, and hose connections, 2,5 m PVC-hose, hose, clips, nozzle and drum adapter.

The sets are suitable for emptying of canisters, drums and containers.

The use of Lutz drum pump sets allows more time for the key tasks of the operator as well as giving industrial and environmental protection and help to save money.

The sets can be equipped alternatively with a flow meter.

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