Colfax Expands Monroe, N.C., Factory and Builds Pump Systems Test Laboratory


Colfax Corporation has added a 17,000-square-foot expansion to its factory in Monroe, N.C. The $3 million space opened in October 2010 and includes a 6,000-square-foot laboratory for high-tech pump testing.

Colfax Expands Monroe, N.C., Factory and Builds Pump Systems Test Laboratory

Colfax Corporation’s $3 million, 17,000-square-foot expansion at its Monroe, N.C., factory includes this 4,500 horsepower stand designed for testing its largest pumps. (Photo: Colfax)

“This expansion is a significant step toward allowing us to provide larger pumps and systems to our customers,” said Clay H. Kiefaber, president and CEO of Colfax. “Additionally, we’re committed to providing reliable products, and the new testing capabilities enable us to replicate challenging conditions pumps must endure in the field.”

Colfax will design and manufacture a variety of fluid-handling systems at the expansion, including ones based on the large three-screw Imo 8L-912Y crude oil pump the company introduced in late 2009. The pump can be installed on pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter and can cost-effectively transport more than 85,000 barrels of oil per day at pressures up to 2,000 pounds per square inch.

“The expansion offers several improvements that will help us produce a wider range of products,” said Ellen G. Donlin, general manager of Colfax Engineered Systems, which collaborates with customers around the world and other Colfax divisions to design and deliver custom skids and packaged systems that solve unique and often complex business challenges. “For example, we’ll have 30 feet of clearance under the two 30-ton cranes used for positioning equipment during manufacturing, which is twice as much space as the current facility offers. That gives us greater flexibility for building larger products with more features.”

Colfax technicians will use the laboratory portion of the expansion to conduct comprehensive testing of pumps, motors and auxiliary systems. Its equipment will be fully instrumented and interfaced for high-speed data collection and analysis.

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