Climaveneta Heat Pumps for the Villas of the New Resort, Designed by Fuksas Architect


Is Molas Golf Resort is situated 30 km far from Cagliari airport, in the south west of Sardinia, one of the most charming coastline of the island, characterized by a wild and suggesting landscape between the mountain park and the sea side.

Climaveneta Heat Pumps for the Villas of the New Resort, Designed by Fuksas Architect


The resort, established more than 40 years ago, is now under up-grading, following a prestigious project signed by Fuksas architect. It is based on the construction of a new 80 rooms hotel, a 39 suites boutique hotel and some residential villas for a total of 300 beds, in addition to a restaurant, a boutique, a wellness centre and an exclusive private beach club. Even the golf club, already well know all over the word, will have a new setting both in terms of green and clubhouse.

Luigi Candida, Sales & Marketing Department at Is Molas S.p.A. says: “Is Molas is more than a touristic and sport destination, it is a lifestyle and a completely new way of living the Sardinia Island.

The villas represent a community able to continually interact with the local surrounding and population, completing them. We are here able to offer some exclusive services to let our clients focus only on relax and wellbeing, granting them the maximum comfort without any concern.”

The first step of the development is composed by 15 villas, now under construction on an area between the mountain park and the “Championship Course”, that will be delivered in October 2016.

The villas, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and his wife Doriana, represent the best of the “made in Italy” style and gather famous partners in terms of architecture and plant design. The most prominent Italian and International brands have so been selected for the frame and the finishing, the lighting and the greenery, the materials and the air conditioning plant.

Focus on HVAC

To grant a perfect comfort in the first 15 villas the M&E designer has selected 15 WWR DHW2 heat pumps, by Climaveneta.

WWR DHW2, part of the Prana range, are reversible water cooled heat pumps able to work 365 days/ year to satisfy the needs of the Resort, open all year round. As a matter of fact thanks to the mild climate at Is Molas it is possible to play outdoor sports even in winter.

Going in depth they take water from some lakes, available in the area, and send it directly to the WWR DHW2 exchanger, through a self-cleaning filter, without using any additive so avoiding any risk of pollution. In winter time the lake water is cooled down from 15°C to 5° C, so giving energy, while in summer it is reheated from 15°C a 30° C, absorbing energy from the consumption.

It is important to say that the lake water temperature changes during the year and in any case it is proven Climaveneta heat pumps can work even if the water temperature cools down to 10°C.

Air distribution comes from radiant panels, highly performing and with very low noise level.

Mr. Enrico Fabris, in charge of HVAC plant designing at Is Molas says:”It has always been important for us to grant the perfect comfort to the most demanding customer at Is Molas without any CO2 emission and without increasing the running costs of the villas. Climaveneta heat pumps are able to combine all these aspects and so we found them the best solution for the all year round air conditioning of this project.”

Each Villa has its own technical room, located under the reserved parking, or closed to them, on the basis of the lot morphology. This solution not only distances any noise or vibration to grant a perfect acoustic comfort, but also grant an independent access to the maintenance service always respecting the privacy of the guests.

Furthermore each Villa has two different hydraulic nets. The one for the drinking water is used for the sanitary scope, while the technical one for the greenery irrigation, the washing of the external floor and the HVAC system. Sanitary hot water is produced by the heat pump and stored in a buffer. During the summer cycle, thanks to the full recovery of the heat, the production of hot water is completely free.

Mr Stefano Cremo, Ai Group Turin, M&E operation manager, says: ”Everything both in designing and building Is Molas resort is focused on environmental respect and sustainability. From preliminary studies and masterplan analysis to hill basins making safe, from landscape compatibility to geological effect, from architectural to mechanical choices the priority has always been to respect and promote the marvelous landscape where the reborn Is Molas Golf Resort is located.”

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