CIRCOR Announces the RTK REact-TestOne Test Box

CIRCOR International, Inc. announces the RTK REact-TestOne test box for quick and easy testing of the working condition of electric actuators. The REact-TestOne works with REact E Series actuators – REact 30E, 60E and 100E.
CIRCOR Announces the RTK REact-TestOne Test Box

Quickly Perform Onsite Tests to Ensure that React E Series Electric Actuators are Operating Properly. (Image source: CIRCOR International, Inc.)

The test box features a convenient toggle switch to retract and extend the actuator spindle. Two easy-to-see indicator lights allow operators to check and/or set additional travel limit switches for the REact E Series. In addition, the Test-One works in conjunction with the RElog (starting up device for emergency closing unit).

REact E Series actuators deliver cost and piping support savings from day one and for years of service. With their modular and flexible design, REact E Series actuators can adapt to a wide range of processes including industrial, chemical and power applications. They also offer corrosion-resistant variants specifically designed for off-shore applications.

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