Changing Motor Oil of Biogas Plants With Oil Pumps Made by Zuwa


A periodic oil change is an important part of routine maintenance on biogas plants to avoid motor damages and expensive downtimes.

Changing Motor Oil of Biogas Plants With Oil Pumps Made by Zuwa

Oil Pump (Photo: Zuwa)

Zuwa Impeller Pumps are the perfect tool for doing this job fast and comfortable. The dry self priming pumps do not need a filling prior to operation. The impeller pump drains waste oil from inside the motor, the high flow rate creates a pull removing dirt and debris are washed out.

Impeller pumps are completely emptied after use. This way waste oil can be drained and fresh oil filled up without cleaning the pump after the draining process.

On the steady state Oil Service Center, a special pump set with hoses, the turn of the two multifunctional valves is all that needs to be done to change the flow direction of the oil and to fill fresh oil into the motor.

The flexible Zuwa Impeller Pumps are versatile and powerful. Tanks are emptied literally to the last drop. Even fluids with high viscosity are no problem. Depending on the model the pumps have a flow rate of up to 90 litres per minute and work with a pressure of up to four bar.

For filling reservoirs of cogeneration units vane or gear pumps are an ideal choice. These pumps work with a flow rate of 14 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 25 bar.

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