Blackmer Introduces New LGL3021 Multi-Purpose LPG Pump


Blackmer is pleased to announce the addition of the LGL3021 Multi-Purpose LPG Pump to its growing line of standard-setting positive displacement sliding vane LPG pumps.

Blackmer Introduces New LGL3021 Multi-Purpose LPG Pump

LGL3021 Multi-Purpose LPG Pump (Image: Blackmer)

Specifically designed for bulk plant and terminal applications, the new LGL3021 is UL-Listed and approved for use on propane, butane, butane/propane mixes and anhydrous ammonia applications.

Based on Blackmer’s standard LGLD3 transfer pump, the LGL3021 provides the same horsepower requirements and foot-to-flange and flange-to-flange dimensions as competitive pumps. This allows for easy installation during pump changeovers or plant maintenance without changing piping or motor drives because the inlet and discharge flanges are on the pump shaft centerline. What separates the LGL3021 from competitive pumps is that it provides 13 percent to 25 percent more flow depending on the LPG installation and application conditions, a major consideration during bulk plant and terminal operations. LGL3021 pumps also feature ductile iron construction with an internal relief valve that protects against excessive pressures, ensuring performance and reliability even under the most severe service conditions.

Additional features and benefits of the LGL3021 include: replaceable casing liners and end discs for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber; a patented cavitation suppression liner designed for reducing the noise, vibration and wear normally caused by entrained vapors; excellent self-priming and dry-run capabilities; and easy maintenance. LGL3021 pumps are available with differential pressures up to 150 psi (10.35 bar) and maximum pump speeds of 800 rpm.

Source: Blackmer

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