Bitzer wins Acrex Award for Green Products


Bitzer the specialist in refrigeration compressors has gained its excellent reputation as long-standing company with ingenuity, reliability and quality over more than 80 years. The fact that the CSVH3 series won the Acrex Award of Excellence 2016 emphasises Bitzer’s position as a driver of innovation within the entire industry and proves that if it’s green on the outside, it’s green on the inside.

Bitzer wins Acrex Award for Green Products

Bitzer successfully nominated its new CSVH3 series for the Acrex Award of Excellence 2016. This prize is awarded by a jury of experts in various categories – including ‘Green Products’. With the compressor’s Eseer value of over six in typical operating conditions for air cooled liquid chillers for comfort air conditioning, the CSVH3 series is setting new benchmarks in the industry. The compact screw compressors with an integrated refrigerant-cooled frequency inverter offer maximum seasonal energy efficiency, making them sustainably environmentally friendly. The series is especially suitable for systems that frequently operate under part-load, also achieving impressively high full-load efficiency and significantly improved (E)SEER/IPLV and SCOP values.

Intelligent compressor with wide application range

The CSVH37 compact screw compressor has a refrigerating capacity of 550 kW (+5/50°C) and a displacement of up to 960 m3/h, while the larger CSVH38 has a refrigerating capacity of 660 kW (+5/50°C) and a displacement of up to 1,156 m3/h.

Like the smaller CSVH2 series, the CSVH3 monitors its own application limits: if a value exceeds the set parameters, a warning message is produced with the option of adjusting the performance and operating parameters. The compressor only switches off after the maximum values have been exceeded for a longer period of time. The compressors communicate with the master system controls via Modbus. The integrated data log can be used at any time to analyse operation over the running time and optimise the system settings. With the CSVH2 and the introduction of the new CSVH3 series, BITZER now offers the complete service range up to 1,156 m3/h displacement even in the field of highly efficient, speed controlled compressors with integrated frequency inverters.

Picture: ((from left): Delight at the Acrex Award of Excellence 2016 in the category ‘Green Products’: Chief Technology Officer Rainer Große-Kracht, Rob de Bruyn (Managing Director of BITZER Refrigeration Asia) and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Gianni Parlanti accept certificates for the CSVH3 compact screw compressor (Image: Bitzer)

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