Biggest High-Pressure Process Diaphragm Pump


The two biggest high-pressure process diaphragm pumps are supplied by LEWA Herbert Ott GmbH + Co KG. Each pump delivers 110 m³/h liquid CO2 against a pressure of 215 bar. They are used for the re-injection of CO2 into a natural gas field in Hammerfest / Norway.

The carbon dioxide, obtained together with the natural gas in the northernmost production location of natural gas in Europe here is not discharged into the atmosphere due to environmental reasons but liquefied and pumped back into the sub-sea field located at a depth of 350 meters via a pipeline using the two heavy pumps with a weight of 63 tons each.

The non-lubricating, liquefied carbon dioxide can be conveyed economically only by using hermetically tight diaphragm process pumps with a high rate of efficiency. The pumps operate at a suction pressure of 70 bar and have a drive power of 850 kW each. The speed range is 40 - 160 strokes/min and can be controlled via a frequency inverter.

Source: LEWA GmbH

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