Bell & Gossett 3-Speed Circulators


A bulletin that describes Bell & Gossett's new line of 3-speed NRF wet rotor circulators for residential and light commercial heating systems has just been released.

Bell & Gossett 3-Speed Circulators

The bulletin (A-112C) presents detailed operating data and dimensions of the circulator pumps for hydronic heating systems. The new circulators - models NRF-36 and NRF-45 - are equipped with 3-speed motors, which allow the pumps to cover a wide range of hydraulic capabilities.

Benefits of the 3-speed NRF circulator line include:

  • Three-speed switch provides more performance flexibility
  • Multiple hydraulic settings allow one NRF pump to replace several competitors' pumps, resulting in lower inventory levels
  • High starting torque
  • Unique Bell & Gossett DuraGlide™ Bearing System
  • Heat resistant and non-metallic closed impeller design
  • Self-cleaning particle shield
  • The bulletin also includes diagrams that illustrate the product dimensions, as well as construction materials, maximum working pressure and operating temperature. A PDF file for bulletin A-112C can be downloaded here.

    Source: Xylem Inc.

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