BBA Pumps Introduces Three New Mobile Pumpsets

BBA Pumps proudly introduces three new mobile pump sets. A new model canopy containing a clean and fuel-efficient 3.6 liter engine forms the foundation. The three different centrifugal pumps are familiar models from the BA series with improved performance.
BBA Pumps Introduces Three New Mobile Pumpsets

BA300E D328 Pump (Image source: BBA Pumps BV)

The three different centrifugal pumps are familiar models from the BA series with built-in vacuum system. The BA180E D328 is an 8-inch dirty water pump, the BA300E D328 has been a popular 12-inch sewer and flood control pump for years, both models delivering more pump pressure than their predecessors. The BA80H D315 is a 3-inch high head jetting pump with more capacity than the previous model.

Clean and economical diesel engine
The pumps are driven by a clean and economical 3.6 liter 904J Perkins diesel engine. The electronically governed variable speed engine meets the strictest Tier 4 final and Stage V emission requirements, making it suitable for use in both Europe and North America.

Sound attenuated canopy packed with innovations
The sound attenuated canopy is also new and behind the eight (8) lockable doors you will find an impressive display of engine and pump technology. The operation of the new pumpsets has become much easier for users due to the multilingual LC45 dashboard. To aid mobility, the forklift pockets and lifting eyes are fitted as standard. Other innovations include:

  • Automatic start-stop via level control
  • LED lights integrated in the canopy
  • Composite tanks in liquid-tight and leak-proof base
  • BA300E discharge pipe runs over the roof and is fitted with a rotary flange
  • Composite tanks in fully bunded containment free frame
  • Emergency stop and battery isolator switch for optimum safety
  • External fuel connection is standard
  • The pumps are prepared for telematics and remote control
  • Quality guaranteed with 4-year factory warranty

Source: BBA Pumps BV

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