BBA Introduces New BA100K Dewatering Pump


BBA Pumps announces the launch of the new BA100K - a diesel driven 4” solids handling pump.

The unit guarantees the best pumping performance combined with the lowest cost of maintenance and minimal exhaust emissions.

Pumping performance:

The pump has a capacity of over 190 m3/hour (836 US GPM) and a maximum head of 22 mwc (73 ft.). This is not just due to the large free passage of 82 mm (3.23"); the unit is driven by a single-cylinder diesel engine with a calculated maximum fuel consumption of 1.75 litre/hour.

Low maintenance cost

Thanks to DriveOn technology the service interval for the new BA100K has now increased from 500 operational hours normal for standard engines to an impressive 1500 hours. Changing oil and replacing filters has also become much easier.

Most important features of the DriveOn:

  • Service interval of 1500 operational hours
  • 65% less maintenance to the diesel engine
  • 25% savings in engine oil
  • Ideal physical working conditions during maintenance

Low exhaust emissions

The RF system, an exhaust module developed by BBA provides the capability to equip the pump with an optional soot filter/catalytic module. Despite the already minimal emissions of the single-cylinder diesel engine, this option reduces the exhaust emission to virtually zero. This gives more flexibility to the end user, allowing the new BA100K pump to be used in more locations, even in towns and city centres with the strictest environmental rules.

Other features:

  • The most durable sound attenuated canopy, with a hot-dip galvanized steel frame and composite doors and panels.
  • The BA100K pumps up to 110 m3 per litre of fuel.
  • The unit is multifunctional; it can be used in a wide range of projects from dewatering to sewer bypass pumping.
  • Manufacturer’s standard 4 year warranty.

Picture: BBA announces launch of new BA100K dewatering pump (Image: BBA Pumps)

Source: BBA Pumps BV

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