Backpressure and relief valves


JESCO Dosiertechnik, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of components, systems and accessories of metering, conveying and measuring & control technology for water and waste water treatment introduces its backpressure and relief valves.

Backpressure and relief valves

(source: Jesco)

Pressure loading and relief valves are spring-loaded diaphragm valves with a small proportional range for metering systems. They are available in PVC, PVDF or stainless steel.

According to the user's requirements, these valves are used to increase metering accuracy or to protect the system against excessive pressure.

Backpressure valve

Backpressure valves are required if the metering pump has to deliver against strongly fluctuating system pressures, or into open systems. In many applications the required metering accuracy can only be ensured with the help of a backpressure valve. Furthermore excessive metering is avoided.

In those cases where the supply pressure is higher than the metering pressure, metering is not possible without a backpressure valve.

Relief valve

Relief valves have a safety function, protecting the metering pump as well as the associated fittings and pipes. They prevent an excessive pressure increase in the system upstream of the metering pump, which may occur for example if shutoff valves are closed although the pump is still running. Therefore relief valves should always be provided.

Relief valves can also be used where constant pressure is to be maintained in a supply line fed by a centrifugal pump. All the medium that is not taken up is returned to the tank via the relief valve.

JESCO on show: at interbad 2002 in Düsseldorf/Germany

In a new 'outfit' JESCO will participate in interbad 2002 – the International Trade Fair for Swimming Pools, Pool and Bath Technology, Saunas, Physiotherapy, Wellness – which takes place from 09.-10.12.2002 in Düsseldorf. JESCO Dosiertechnik will present its extensive product and service program for swimming pool technology. At this trade show especially those new product developments and improvements will be brought into focus which help to make the most different applications even safer, more precise and more economic. Highlights will be the new water sampling station "EASYPOOL smart" for private swimming pools and the new chlorine gas changeover unit.

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