Australian Pumps’ New Heavy Duty 6” Trash Pump


Australian Pumps’ new heavy duty 6” trash pump, the MQ62TD, is set to change the way dewatering is done on construction sites. Traditionally dry primed pumps are used, even when the dry prime feature is not necessary.

Australian Pumps’ New Heavy Duty 6” Trash Pump

Aussie’s 6” pump to the rescue! It’s self priming with a lift to 7.6 metres (Image: Aussie Pumps)

Australian Pumps’ research has revealed that 80% of construction sites dewatering jobs can be carried out by pumps which are self priming and don’t need either compressors or vacuum primed system. “Those priming systems can be troublesome”, said Aussie’s Chief Engineer, John Hales.

The big pump delivers a whopping 4,100 lpm. Its high efficiency means it can be driven by 29 hp diesel engine and still achieve a 30 metre vertical lift. Its self priming characteristics are excellent with the ability the draft water from depths of 7.5 metres.

The pump is manufactured from heavy duty high SG cast iron with the body incorporating a huge priming tank. “That priming tank is what enables the pump to prime fast even from over 7.5 metre depths”, said Hales.

Another handy feature is a large front cleanout port. That port can be opened up in a matter of seconds and clogs, blockages and solids cleaned out quickly without disturbing pipework.

A huge non clog opened styled impeller enables the passing of spherical solids up to 2”. The pump is claimed to be ideal for handling sandy slurry liquids and will go straight through the open impeller.

“Dry prime pumps depend on compressor or vacuum pumps to work”, said Aussie Pumps’ John Hales. “By contrast, simple self-priming is more reliable, less costly and easier to maintain”, he said.

The new Aussie 6” trash pump will handle a wide range of duties on construction sites. It can double as a fast fill tanker pump to aid in dust suppression or alternatively divert creeks or streams during road and bridgeworks.

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