Atlas Copco’s Updated GA Fixed-Speed Compressor Range Offers Greater Efficiency with a Smaller Footprint


Atlas Copco has upgraded its 30 to 45 kW range of fixed-speed oil-injected rotary screw compressors to offer a smaller footprint, lower noise and a more compact design. The GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 compressors provide greater efficiency, with Free Air Delivery (FAD) and a Specific Energy Requirement (SER) improved by 1% respectively.

Atlas Copco’s Updated GA Fixed-Speed Compressor Range Offers Greater Efficiency with a Smaller Footprint

Atlas Copco Compressors

The low noise levels of 65 dB(A) offered by the GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 mean that the units can be installed on the work floor instead of in a separate compressor room. This placement close to the point of use sharply reduces pipework pressure drop and therefore energy consumption; helping to cut costs.

“We are very aware of our role as a global technology leader and that responsibility helps push us to continue to improve our products. Our customers expect nothing less of us,” said Paul Clark, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Compressors’ Industrial Air Division. “The improved GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 are a powerful, yet quiet on-site production partner our customers can count on for years to come.”

The GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 offer an ‘all-in-one package’ with an integrated refrigerant dryer built into the canopy. The compressors also come with the Elektronikon® controller and SmartLink® for remote management to help optimise the compressed air network. The Elektronikon® controller offers a wide variety of control and monitoring features that allow users to maximise the compressors’ efficiency and reliability. Additionally, Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band.

Because of their strong performance, the GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 can be used in virtually any industrial environment and in high ambient temperatures: up to 55˚C/131˚F for the high ambient version. The upgraded GA range minimises maintenance requirements as the design eliminates the need for both an oil stop valve and check valve. In addition, the GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 compressors feature a spin-on oil filter that removes 300% smaller particles than a conventional filter.

The upgraded GA range is available immediately.

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