Armstrong Presents The Intelligent Variable Speed Pump


Armstrong Limited, a leading supplier of quality, high-efficiency HVAC and fluid-handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications has introduced two new models to the Intelligent Variable Speed (IVS) Pump Series.

Armstrong Presents The Intelligent Variable Speed Pump

Armstrong 4302 IVS Pump

The Armstrong IVS Series now includes the following two models: 4300 Split-Coupled Vertical In-Line and 4302 Split-Coupled dualArm. The new models range in size from 1.5hp to 75hp. Both the 4300 and 4302 IVS units can be controlled through a building automation system (BAS) or the Armstrong Integrated Pumping System (IPS).

The Armstrong IVS Pump is also available with a sensorless option, providing savings in several areas including capital, installation and energy costs.

The IVS Sensorless Series is unique in that the unit does not require the installation of a differential pressure sensor. Eliminating the need for a sensor leads to a reduction in equipment, installation, and wiring costs. It also results in lower commissioning costs as sensor positioning issues will not slow down the project.

The IVS Sensorless has a variable frequency drive (VFD) built into the pump, making the unit a compact and ideal space-saving solution for any plant room. The VFD is pre-programmed at the factory to meet HVAC system demands, but is also adjustable on-site, giving an installer the flexibility to replicate sensor positions at various distances from the pump. This removes problems associated with incorrect sensor placement and allows for optimal energy savings.

The Sensorless option is embedded into the IVS variable speed drive, which means the pump automatically changes speed to meet system demand. This feature helps to save energy, and also extends the life of the pump and motor bearings.

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