Armstrong Fluid Technology Announces New Size of HSC Firepak for 300 psi


Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced its enhanced HSC Firepak, a completely integrated fire pump solution that delivers a unique set of advantages to both designers and contractors.

Featuring a compact design for fast and easy installation, Armstrong’s “Plug and Leave” design provides fire safety professionals with a complete fire pump solution that offers:

  • Easy selection of complete, pre-configured solutions

  • Readily available CAD drawings, specifications, dimensions and pricing data

  • A small footprint

  • Certainty of code compliance and component integration

  • Easy, fast installation

  • Single source of responsibility for all aspects of the package

  • Leakproof assembly

  • Pump and motor mounted on a steel base – only one alignment check required

  • Factory pressure testing

  • Reduced labor on installation

  • Advanced notice of shipment and delivery

The Armstrong HSC Firepak solution is now available in a new size (5x4x17) that provides 300 psi. The HSC Firepak also has an ETL listing - 3rd Party Certification that the package meets NFPA 20 requirements.

Packaged fire solutions from Armstrong Fluid Technology provide improved work efficiency at the design stage and minimized labor costs on installation. Customers can have specifications, drawings and pricing delivered in one day.

Product features include:

  • Connection: up to 12”

  • Pressure: up to 300 psi

  • Flow: up to 3,000 USgpm

  • Driver: Electric or Diesel

For more information visit the Armstrong web site.

Picture: The enhanced Armstrong Fluid Technology HSC Firepak is a completely integrated, fully-packaged fire pump solution that provides both designers and contractors with a unique set of advantages. The innovative “Plug and Play” design allows fast and easy installation (Image: Armstrong Fluid Technology)

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