Armstrong Extends Range of Intelligent Variable Speed Pumps


Armstrong Limited has extended the range of Intelligent Variable Speed (IVS) and IVS Sensorless pumps with integrated controls.

The IVS and IVS Sensorless offerings are now available with integrated controls to 75hp (55kW) on series 4300-IVS and 4302-IVS dualARM vertical in-line pumps. Separate stand-alone controls are available for larger units IVS units and for the following commercial pump series: 4030, 4280, 4300, 4302, 4380, 4382 4600 and 4700.

Intelligent variable speed technology allows pumps to operate according to a building’s demand load. When demand is low, the pumps automatically reduce speed, and when demand rises, the pumps increase speed. Operating a pump at varying speeds reduces energy consumption and extends the life of the unit.

Adding the Sensorless option to the IVS controller results in further savings in capital and installation costs. The Sensorless option saves building owners the cost of installing, commissioning and maintaining remote-mounted sensors. The IVS Sensorless uses patented software technology to sense changes in the building load and adjusts speed to meet the demand. The integrated controls add little to the footprint of the unit. Since the IVS Sensorless unit is typically operating at the part-load with reduced speed, control valve effectiveness and the life of the pump motor bearings are extended.

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