Arbitrary Motion in Infolytica’s Motion Solvers


Infolytica has added a unique and useful function to its already powerful Transient 2D/3D with Motion solvers in release version 6.15 of MagNet.

By adding Multiple Degrees of Freedom functionality to these solvers, Infolytica has become the only Electromagnetics Design software company to support arbitrary motion.

Now, any number of combinations of translational and rotational directions is allowed within one simulation. Each moving body can therefore have as many as all six degrees of freedom in 3D and three degrees of freedom in 2D. Designers of the following applications would have the most interest in this new feature:

  • Maglev and levitation, in general
  • Applications where there is lift and propulsion
  • Permanent magnet assemblies moving in different directions
  • Motors with multiple axes of rotation, e.g. motors used in robotic applications
  • Magnetic bearings
  • Applications where there are unbalanced forces

To get more information on MagNet or on this new feature, please contact one of our sales representatives at (++ 1) 514-849-8752 or by e-mail at

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