ALLWEILER’s Pump Skid Division Awarded Major Order


Allweiler AG will deliver lubrication-oil systems for 22 steam turbines in Iran. The turbines are part of a new power plant complex that Siemens AG will construct in the city of Neka during the next three years.

For Allweiler AG, this order is worth 7 million euros, making it one of the largest ever received at the Pump Skid division.

This German pump specialist received confirmation of the order shortly before the Christmas holidays. According to the order, Allweiler will deliver all of the lube oil systems needed for the new power plant, which will be constructed in the north-Iranian city of Neka near the Caspian Sea. Combination power plants have gas and steam turbines. They utilize the waste heat from the gas turbines to generate steam that powers the steam turbines. As a result, heat that would normally be lost is used to produce additional power, greatly increasing the plant’s overall efficiency.

The contractor for the power plant is the Power Generation Group of Siemens AG in Mülheim, Germany. Allweiler AG’s reputation for modern technology, quality, timely delivery, and an outstanding price/performance ratio was a major factor in the customer’s decision. The Iranian Projects Management Company (Mapna) chose Siemens to be the general contractor.

These power plant expansions represent Iran’s commitment to modern, environmentally friendly sources of electricity. Although a large number of the plant’s components will be constructed in Iran according to Siemens’ specifications, Allweiler AG will deliver their components complete from their headquarters in Radolfzell, Germany.

Lubrication-oil skids are a central part of Allweiler AG’s Pump Skid division. Johann Engelmann, Director of Sales and Service, offers his perspective: “Environmentally friendly plants must work at a very high level of efficiency. This requires an experienced supplier who can offer components that are ideally matched to each other. We are just the kind of supplier who can meet these requirements thanks to our specialized technicians and manufacturing processes available at our plant in Radolfzell.”

The lubrication oil modules supply the turbines, the gearing, and the generators with lube oil that is continually and automatically filtered, aerated, and cooled inside the system. The core of the lube-oil modules are Allweiler’s three screw and centrifugal pumps, products that have proven their performance over many years of practical usage. The complete lubrication-oil module is classified as a VIC (Very Important Component) for the power plant because its reliable performance is essential for safe and constant power generation. According to J. Engelmann, “If one of those modules fails, the result would be damages that go into the millions.”

About Allweiler

Founded in 1860, Allweiler AG is the oldest German pump manufacturer and the European market and technology leader for centrifugal, propeller, screw, eccentric spiral, macerator, and peristaltic pumps. Allweiler AG owns a foundry and produces ready-to-use fuel skids. Allweiler AG has their main German headquarters in Radolfzell on Lake Constance as well as a major subsidiary in Bottrop, Germany. Since 1998, Allweiler AG has been part of the Colfax Pump Group, a global leader among pump manufacturers. In 2002, Allweiler’s 1050 employees achieved sales of 157.6 million euros (previous year: 164.7 million euros).

About Siemens

The Power Generation (PG) group of Siemens AG is one of the leading companies in the international power plant business. In the fiscal year ending September 30, 2003, Siemens PG achieved sales of about 7 billion euros and received orders worth 7.3 billion euros. This division’s profit totaled 1,171 million euros. As of September 30, 2003, Siemens PG employed 30,300 people throughout the world.

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