Air/Gas/Water/Fluid Treatment and Control Market Boosted by New Industries and Regulations


The market for air/gas/water/fluid treatment and control will rise to $492 billion in 2017 based on the normal expansion of the world’s economy but also on the reaction to new regulatory developments and the creation of new industries and technologies.

Fluid Treatment & Control Market 2012-2017 ($ Millions)

Details on this new forecast are displayed in the online report, Air/Gas/Water/Fluid Treatment & Control World Markets published by the McIlvaine Company.

There are many unanticipated events which are changing the potential markets in flow control and treatment. Regulations are important factors. New regulations for ballast wastewater discharges and sulfur air emissions for ships will substantially boost the markets for liquid treatment and scrubbers.

The oil spill prevention market is booming since the Gulf oil spill disaster. The market for systems to prevent escape of contaminants during a nuclear meltdown and to remediate contaminated sites is substantial.

Some of the market adjustments are due to the development or acceleration in growth in dynamic industries. The continuing successes in developing the gas shale reserves are the best example. The more rapid conversion from ocean harvesting to aquaculture for fish products will also positively boost the flow control and liquid treatment markets.

The markets can be further boosted by a proactive approach by industry efforts. Three initiatives which could have significant impact on the markets are:

  • Co-location of power and municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Improved co-location of livestock and aquaculture enterprises
  • Retrofitting of ultrasupercritical technology at existing coal-fired power plants

Picture: McIlvaine Company

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