ACHEMA special: Magnetic Coupled Centrifugal Pumps


Seal less solutions for the leakage free transport of liquids gain more and more importance in the pump industry. introduces the most important ACHEMA news about the competing technologies magnetic drive and canned motor pumps in two special reports.

The magnetic driven sealless pump series MKP from CP-Pumps is extended up to a maximum capacity of 320 m³/h and 110 m. The construction features a product lubricated single bearing design. The shroud is available in Hast.C4 or ceramic. Solids up to 0,5 mm are no problem for this pump at a maximum content of 30%.

A key innovation of ITT Richter is the plain bearing cartridge of the new metallic magnetic drive pump ICM for operating temperatures up to 280°C (535°F). There is probabley no other plain bearing system on the market, which is more reliable and, at the same time, easier to service.

In co-operation with VSX - Vogel Software, Richter demonstrates the data exchange according to VDMA Guideline 24278. The interface supports the communication between manufacturer and pump user. By using the pump selection software Spaix, pump users can tighten up the operational routines and achieve savings in time and costs in the planning and procurement phases. Pump manufacturers profit from the huge savings in the offering process.

Frank Hofer from Klaus Union next to the world's largest magnetic pump type p SLM NVThe world's largest magnetic pump is presented by Klaus Union. The sealless centrifugal pump SLM NV with permanent magnetic drive reaches a maximum capacity of 2300 m³/h and a head of 65 m. The aggregate distinguishes itself due to a low dissipation and is driven by a 400 kW motor. The system used here has a wide variety of modules and security components which make a perfectly fitting solution according to the purpose possible. Among others, the usage lies in the chemical and petrochemical industry, e.g. when used to pump acids, alkali and hydrocarbon.

The PH series of Pan World consists of sealless magnetic driven pumps. The pumps are available with one or two stages. With a maximum discharge head of 70 m and a good chemical resistance they are suitable for higher lift head application such as PCB machines, filtration or etching machines.

Rütschi, specialist for canned motor pumps, now extends their product line by the magnetic coupled chemical standard pump CNMK. Preferred fields of application are the chemical industry, and the chemical engineering as well asnd such cases, where leakage-free operation is required because offor reasons of environmental protection leakage-free operation is required, but a canned motor pump is not wishedsuitable.

SGL MAG DIABON SGL Technic presents the MAG-DIABON series. These chemical pumps combine the advantages of the magnetic drive with the graphite material. The main advantage of graphite pumps resides in their great dimensional stability at high temperatures up to 200 °C. The pumps are perfectly adapted for the transfer of highly toxic or hazardous corrosive fluids.

Sulzer's Global Marketing Manager Redvers Paley with pumps of the OH product familySulzer Pumps OHM is the new magnet coupled version within the the OH product family of process pumps. It was designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the latest 9th edition of API 610.

T.H.E. Pumps have re-designed the electrical motor of the GP range. These base mounted magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps have been specifically developed for situations requiring low cost pumping of water and glycol solutions and are used extensively in remote chillers throughout the world.

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