ACHEMA special: Canned Motor Pumps


Canned motor pumps represent an alternative to magnetic drives for the leakage free pumping of liquids. reports about the most important news from the ACHEMA 2003.

Nicolaus Krämer, authorized signatory of Hermetic Pumpen, next to the world's largest canned motor pumpProbably the biggest canned motor pump world-wide is presented by Hermetic Pumpen. The 6-stage pump CAMTV 60/6 has a maximum flow of 200 m³/h and a maximum head of 945 m. The 290 kW motor runs at 4145 rpm through the application of a frequency inverter.

The canned motor pumps of the CNP series were developed as a result of a co-operation agreement between Hermetic and Sulzer. The process pumps are completely designed according to the API 685 for heavy duty applications which can be found in refineries, in the petrochemical and gas processing industry.

The so-called EC-motor has lower electrical losses compared to a conventional three-phase drive. KSB presents this permanent magnet motor technology in combination with the Secochem hydraulic. The variable speed control is already included in this special canned motor and results in considerable energy saving. The initial investment has the same level as conventionally driven pumps. The lower weight and the compact design are further advantages.

NikkisoThe NIKKISO canned motor pumps of the HK series have a hermetic design with two impellers. The tandem construction avoids axial load. The compact design, the low noise operation and the low NPSH value are further advantages of these pumps. The typical application will be found in the reverse osmosis or in pumping ammonium.

Sero side-channel pump SEMIS with canned motorThe side-channel pump specialist SERO PumpSystems extends its product range by a canned motor pump series. The series SEMIS is particularly suitable for the cooling technology.

Furthermore, SERO has created a business unit Engineered Service that aims to an overall solution consisting of pumps and services. The target of the advising service is to find the economically and technically most efficient solution for the pump user.

Sulzer's Global Marketing Manager Redvers Paley with pumps of the OH product familyWith focus on the hydrocarbon processing industries Sulzer Pumps presents the new OH family of API 610 process pumps. Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the latest 9th edition of API 610, the family consists of 3 models using the same basic OH hydraulics. The OHH is a conventional single stage overhung process pump. The OHM is coupled with a seal less magnetic drive assembly and it complies with API 685. Finally, the OHC is equipped with a canned electric motor drive. This unique range of process pumps provides an optimal sealing solution for all process applications.

The Japanese canned motor specialist Teikoku communicates the advantages of this technology compared with mag-drive solutions. So the total life cycle costs (LCC) are lower although the initial investment is higher.

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