AC Engineering is offering a low cost disposable pump, for pressure and vacuum, liquid and gas, to replace peristaltic pumps


The AC-16 is the "Swiss Army Pocket Knife" of vacuum pumps, capable of performing several different tasks. The pump is mounted external to the motor, so it is easily replaced much like a light bulb. The low cost disposable pump has the high performance of costly conventional pumps.

The AC-16 is intended for use in chemical analysis, university laboratories, small vacuum ovens pharmaceutical industry processes, and medical fluid circulation. With its multiple capabilities it can replace several pumps.

  • The AC-16 pumps air, gas, steam liquid, chemicals and even traps solids.
  • Flow rates are 12 liters/min. - paralleled connection (14.5 - l/min. for 60 Hz.)
  • Peak vacuum: 9 millibars abs. (series connection)
  • Peak pressure: 20 psi.
  • Solids are trapped in the AC-16's integral canister, while the suctioned fluid is passed through a tube, to a container, or disposable bag.
  • The disposable pump head can rinse itself by pumping water and detergent.
  • he motor drive can operate several pumps, connected in series or parallel, for either high flow or high vacuum.
  • The pump canister is clear, so the collected matter can be observed.
  • Failure of the pump or its contamination will require only replacement of the disposable portion, never requiring service, or pump shipment. Pump life is no longer a consideration.
  • There is no need for costly protective traps at the inlet. The sealed pump canister acts as a trap, or catch pot, allowing disposal of the trapped contaminants with the pump. Overfilling the canister will not endanger the motor as the pump is external and so are the spills.
  • The disposable pump will start under full load.
  • Vacuum is retained, with one-way valves, when pump is not operating.
  • The disposable pump requires no caution, in preventing leaks, inlet or outlet occlusion, or pumps contamination, and is not required to operate in the upright position. Physical abuse of the pump is likely to damage only the disposable pump head.
  • The disposable vacuum pump is also available as a convenient portable-rechargeable unit, for field use.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Carmeli Adahan

Hamarpe 1 Park Center P.O.Box 45134 Jerusalem, Israel 91450

Phone: 972-5640 6000

Fax: 972-2-5862 714

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