A Special Pipe Offering Unique Advantages and Benefits


The unique Pexgol pipe is produced of a special plastic resin. The chemical cross linking process is performed under high pressure and temperatures, resulting in irreversible crosslinks between adjacent chains.

The result is a thermo-elastic material with 3D molecular structure assuring very high dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Pexgol pressure pipes were developed and put to use over 30 years ago. The first Pexgol pipes were installed as rising main pipes in boreholes 15 years ago. Flexible Pexgol rising main pipes, in diameters of 32-315mm, have been installed in over 250 boreholes in Israel and worldwide.

Pexgol has an extremely smooth inner surface (Hazen-Williams coefficient 155). There is no inner diameter reduction due to no sediment formation or encrustations. The deepest pump setting is 254m, pipe diameter 200mm, water temperature 40°C. Pexgol pipes are designed and manufactured for a minimum lifetime of 50 years and have a 10 year guarantee.

Advantages of Pexgol pipes:

  • Combined longitudinal flexibility and radial toughness: It is easily coiled and transported.
  • Robust pipe with high wall thickness.
  • It is impervious to scratches and pinholes.
  • Always maintains its round shape.
  • It easily supports the total system weight: heavy pump, heavy motor, water column and its own weight.
  • No need for supporting cables.

Source: Pexgol

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