A New Chapter for Pump Technology at Moscow University Library


Lomonosov Moscow State University Library is a vast complex encompassing 55,000 sq.m of space, and serving more than 36,000 students and 7,000 postgraduates. The new facility was built in 2004 to commemorate 250 years of the university, and houses important and historic literary works in addition to the most modern reference texts.

A New Chapter for Pump Technology at Moscow University Library

Lomonosov Moscow State University Library (Image: ITT Lowara)

It is fundamental that strict demands are placed on the temperature and humidity of air within the building, not to mention the quality of facilities to deal with vast numbers of staff and students.

A complete HVAC pump solution

ITT Lowara pumps provide a full HVAC system within the library, managing delivery of heating, air circulation and drinking water. A range of FC and SV series pumps were supplied by ITT Lowara’s Russian distributor, Water Technics Moscow. The pumps were selected to withstand all operational needs created by temperature fluctuations and to work reliably under constant operation. In their words, “the main features of these pump series are proven reliability and cost-effective pumping together with competitive prices.”

The FC series is an ideal choice for hot and cold-water circulation systems, and is the force behind both the library’s heating and ventilation systems. The heating consists of two inline cast iron FCS centrifugal pumps, and the ventilation is driven by two similar FCE close-coupled pumps. The FC series has a maximum delivery of 190mc/h and maximum head of 90m, with AISI316L stainless steel impeller.

A pair of SV series pumps delivers the drinking water, with a similar pair for the heating system feeds. The series offers a capacity of up to 120 mc/h and head up to 330m, and is often found in other applications such as swimming pools and aggressive liquid delivery.

The complexities and refinements of the system ensure that the library is continuously benefiting from the durability and reliability of the ITT Lowara pumps, and this is a testament to the skill and knowledge of Water Technics. The pumps will be the key to the library’s archive surviving as an educational tool for another 250 years.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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