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Lowara manages its communication according to the guidelines provided by ITT Industries, the multinational group in which it is proud to play a part. The initiatives pursued are aimed at maintaining the identities of the single brands within the Water Technology Group.

Lowara communication runs through traditional and new media channels using both classic information activities and product promotion. These communication channels take account of specialised European trade journals, the increasing importance of the Internet, participation in the leading trade fairs throughout Europe, and sales outlets combined with “Lowara Training Centre” activities that permit direct contact with clients through both initial and ongoing training courses.

Virtual Presence

In addition to traditional communication efforts, the use of the Internet - more than anything else - has revealed itself to be a particularly useful effort: the Lowara website was designed as a portal to unite sites dedicated to every nation where Lowara products and services are available with diversified information based on the specific needs of each market.

Information is managed under the supervision of the Montecchio Maggiore headquarters in the Province of Vicenza through a co-operation with the local European personnel, capable of working through the worldwide web in order to bring close client contacts even closer.

This approach helped Lowara win an important international prize from ITT Industries for improved website management. The website figures themselves agree: over 400 GByte of information were shifted last year alone during 370,000 visits and more than 7 million pages consulted. The Lowara portal also increased its number of regular visitors considerably, while its newsletter was responsible for over 650 website registrations.

Lowara Life

Among the numerous trade fair activities in which Lowara participates all over Europe, the 34th Expocomfort Convention Show March 2-6, deserves particular mention. The occasion to compare with all the leading companies in the hot water/bathroom fixture sector, was selected for the launch of the latest range of Lowara SV pumps completely re-designed and expanded for the purpose of optimising both pump, hydraulic and motor efficiency.

The 256 sq m Lowara stand presented a series of applications of these new pumps that include an inverse osmosis waste water treatment unit, a pressure unit for residential use, a pressure unit in an underground tank, a retrofit unit with a Hydrovar speed change system and other pumping systems controlled by frequency converters like the Hydrovar and Teknospeed models.

Lowara - the Solution Provider

This is the image Lowara intends to provide to the clients to whom it offers solutions that amply solve their water movement problems. On the occasion of the Expocomfort Technological updating will be complemented by a unique entertainment area: a 14-seat screening room that welcomes visitors to the Lowara stand with an amazing three-dimensional film experience together with Loop, a fantasy figure expressly created for Lowara. It is assigned the task of illustrating product features and highlighting the technological solutions that Lowara has developed to meet the specific needs of its customers.

A 10-minute, 3D stereoscopic video will project three-dimensional images with the use of special stereoscopic eyeglasses that give viewers the feeling of being right inside the image itself and almost touching the surrounding objects. Loop is the main character of the story who promotes the Lowara brand and products by abandoning the classic institutional film formula and entertaining itself and viewers alike.

Personal Connection

Last but not least, the new LTC (Lowara Training Centre), a structure specifically dedicated to training and direct contact with clients at the company's headquarters, deserves a special word of mention. Training certainly holds particular place in the strategy of a company with a corporate mission based on technology and the offer of new solutions to specific customer problems. Last year alone over 600 Italian and foreign visitors took advantage of this unique opportunity offered by the Lowara communication strategy.

This centre will soon be equipped with its own 3D projection room that will begin each new training session with a screening of Loop and its adventures.



Source: Xylem Inc.

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