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27.03.2024: Challenge: Clean Pins for Micro Solenoid Valves

16.01.2024: ViscoTec: Dispensers From the VHD Series Guarantee the Finest Nuances in the Taste of Chocolate

20.12.2023: ViscoTec Takes Over Long-Standing Partner Scanmaster

13.11.2023: preeflow Introduces New Microdispensers

17.08.2023: Dynamic Mixing: Future Drive Monitoring and Control

04.08.2023: A Real Advantage for Quality Assurance: Monitoring Process-Related Pressures

16.06.2023: ViscoTec Presents Several New Developments

22.02.2023: Extending the Range: Pressure Tank Based Emptying

27.01.2023: New 2-Component Dosing Control Unit from ViscoTec Complements Product Launch

02.12.2022: New Dispenser Generation Extends ViscoTec GmbH Product Range

28.10.2022: Doubly Challenging: Dosing Nail Gel Efficiently

16.08.2022: Miniature Sensor Enables Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

07.07.2022: ViscoTec Opens ViscoTec Hong Kong Ltd. the Sixth Branch of the Company Group

25.04.2022: Automated Filling of Viscous and Chunky Snacks for Animals

20.04.2022: New Brand Puredyne Wins Design Award

02.03.2022: Aggressive Materials: Double Safety for The Dispensing Process

28.01.2022: Solutions for Date Paste Processing from ViscoTec

22.12.2021: ViscoTec Makes a Double Donation in 2021

16.12.2021: Georg Senftl to Leave ViscoTec at the End of 2021

13.12.2021: High-Precision Uniform Material Coating of Bore Holes and Internal Threads

30.11.2021: Compact Filling Nozzles: Optimal Use of Installation Space

22.11.2021: Craft Health Uses ViscoTec Print Head vipro-HEAD in its 3D Printers

14.10.2021: Application of Thermally Conductive Potting Compound in the Automotive Industry

10.09.2021: Dispensing Expo: Experience Dispensing Virtually

11.08.2021: Thermal Management in Printed Circuit Boards: Successful Dispensing Test of Thermal Paste

05.07.2021: Change in Management at ViscoTec

02.06.2021: Larger Dispensing Volume with the Same Size

26.05.2021: ViscoTec Launches New Pump for Liquids and Pastes

10.05.2021: Low-Shear Handling of Suspensions with an Intermittent Dispersing Phase

06.05.2021: ViscoTec Presents Extended Version of the Static-Dynamic Mixer

15.03.2021: Challenge for Filling Pumps: Dosing Abrasive Materials

10.02.2021: Highly Abrasive Materials Reliably Applied in Very Small Quantities

05.02.2021: 10,000 Dosing Solutions in 10 Years

29.01.2021: ViscoTec Celebrates Milestone of more than 100,000 Sold Pumps

11.12.2020: Almost 600 Participants at the ViscoTec Dispensing Expo

27.11.2020: Table-Top Dosing Machine for Highly Viscous Materials

16.11.2020: Fully Automatic Filling Lines for Liquids

09.11.2020: Longer Service Life and Process Stability With The Use of Special Coatings

03.11.2020: Potting of Miniature Connectors: High-Precision Dispensing for Complete Process Reliability

27.10.2020: Virtual exhibition: ViscoTec Global Dispensing Expo 2020

20.10.2020: Filling of Semi-Solids in Disposable Syringes

07.10.2020: Medical Wearable Dispensing Application

29.09.2020: Filling Composites in the Dental Industry

08.09.2020: New Inliner Hose for Flexible, Effective Production

04.08.2020: New Standard in the Micro Dispensing of Highly Abrasive Materials within the 1-Component and 2-Component Range

13.07.2020: Dosing Anaerobic Adhesives: Long-term Tests with preeflow Dispensers

24.06.2020: A two-component dispenser shows its reliability in the dispensing of smallest quantities at SebaKMT

17.06.2020: New in the portfolio: Stainless steel kit for eco-PEN 300 to 450 from preeflow by ViscoTec

13.05.2020: ViscoTec: Automated Management of Different Viscosities

17.04.2020: Potting in Vacuum: Dispensing Tests in the New Laboratory of ViscoTec Asia

18.03.2020: ViscoTec – 24/7 production of laundry detergent pods and dishwasher tabs

05.03.2020: ViscoTec eco-DUOMIX Dispensing System for all Difficult to Mix 2-component Materials

19.02.2020: ViscoTec Asia Expands its Rooms

11.02.2020: Continuous Mixing and Filling of Viscous Materials

06.02.2020: Dispensing in Microlitres Range for Telecommunications Engineering

30.01.2020: Dispensing Pumps: Continuous Application of Sealant Beads

20.12.2019: ViscoTec America Dispensing Solutions – 10 Years Anniversary and new Office in San Diego

18.12.2019: Ceramic Rotor for RD Dispenser from ViscoTec

27.11.2019: An Optimized Dispenser Series for Even Smaller Quantities

24.10.2019: Fichter Maschinen rely on ViscoTec dispensing technology

17.10.2019: New ViscoTec Branch Office in Mérignac, France

02.10.2019: An Optimized Dispenser Series and new Rotor Material for the World of Dispensing Technology

26.09.2019: ViscoTec: Continuous Dosing into an Extruder with High Pressure Stability

19.09.2019: Dosing of Sugar Icing on Bakery Products

13.09.2019: Filling and Dosing Without Sedimentation

04.07.2019: ViscoTec: Continuous Filling of Chunky Sauces into Tubular Bags

05.06.2019: Innovative Dosing Technology is the Driving Force for Tomorrow’s Technologies

26.04.2019: Hygienic Applications for Filling Quantities of <0.1 ml

24.04.2019: Dosing Systems in Hygienic Design Dispense Spreads Automatically and Precisely

12.04.2019: Quick Product Changeover Despite Different Viscosity

05.04.2019: preeflow Partner Scanmaster Automates Dispensing Processes

20.09.2017: ViscoTec Opens a Branch in Pune, India

03.02.2017: Filling Pumps for the Pharmaceutical Production by ViscoTec

23.01.2017: ViscoTec’s Dosing Pumps Under a Stress Test

23.11.2016: Comparison of Different Metering Pumps on the Basis of Abrasiveness and Wear

15.11.2016: New Wear-Resistant Stator Material by ViscoTec

13.09.2016: ViscoDuo-P 4/4 by ViscoTec is Light, Small, Compact

17.08.2016: ViscoTec Under New Direction in the Business Unit Adhesives & Chemicals

09.06.2016: Filling of Fruit Pastes, Smoothies and Mixed Purees with ViscoTec Pumping Technology

29.02.2016: Eco-Pen 450 from preeflow, by ViscoTec, Convinces as a Part of the Precision Dosing System with Vacuum Option from Xenon

12.02.2016: ViscoTec 30,000th Filling Pump in Operation at Bayer

13.01.2016: New Application of Eccentric Screw Technology

04.09.2015: FDD Starter Kit for 3D-Printing

28.05.2014: Business Delegation from Singapore Visiting ViscoTec

23.04.2014: Praxis Seminar: Heat Management as a Part of Assembling

16.04.2014: Optimum Dynamix-Factor Provides a Constant Traverse Speed With Robot or Benchtop Axis Systems

20.03.2014: ViscoTec’s Modular Dispenser Provides Unique Serviceability

10.03.2014: Inline Degassing System ViscoTreat-I

21.02.2014: New Modular Design for 2-Component Dosing System

24.01.2014: ViscoTec Opens New Office in China

04.07.2013: New ViscoTec RD-Easy Clean Dispenser

17.06.2013: preeflow eco-PEN Dosing Units for Precise Dosing Applications

22.05.2013: Compact, Medium-resistant Pressure Sensor for Fluids in Motion from ViscoTec

02.05.2013: Dosing of Thermal Pastes With the Endless Piston Principle from ViscoTec

08.12.2003: ViscoTec Cooperates with Fluid Research