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35614 Asslar
Pump manufacturer

07.06.2024: Safe Vacuum Generation in Potentially Explosive Zones

17.05.2024: High-Power Turbopump for Integration into Portable and Mobile Applications

21.03.2024: HiPace 30 Neo: Smallest Hybrid-Bearing High-Power Turbopump on the Market

29.01.2024: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New HiCube Neo Turbo Pumping Station

28.07.2023: Pfeiffer Vacuum and Busch Vacuum Solutions at the Company Cup in Annecy

08.06.2023: Pfeiffer Vacuum plans to invest €75 million in its Annecy location in France

08.05.2023: New Pirani/Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Gauge from Pfeiffer Vacuum

28.04.2023: Pfeiffer Vacuum Publishes Easy-to-Understand Videos that Explain how to Choose the Right Measurement Principle

06.04.2023: Pfeiffer Vacuum Offers a New Vacuum Calculator

07.03.2023: New Intelligent Interface AccessLink for HiScroll Series Pumps

28.02.2023: Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Pfeiffer Vacuum “Future Factory Asslar”

25.11.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces the New SmartVane Rotary Vane Pump for Mass Spectrometry

13.10.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions celebrates 25th anniversary

19.07.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New Multi-Stage Roots Pumps ACP 90

24.05.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Expands the OktaLine ATEX Series of Explosion-Proof Roots Pumps

19.05.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Leak Detection and Vacuum Technology Facility in Indianapolis, Indiana

31.03.2022: Pfeiffer Vacuum Expands the HiLobe Series

16.12.2021: Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Silicon Valley Innovation Center

30.09.2021: New OmniControl Universal Control Unit for Pumps and Measurement Instruments from Pfeiffer Vacuum

16.09.2021: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents a Cloud-Based Solution for Service Management

02.08.2021: Reliable and Low-Vibration Turbopump HiPace 80 Neo

26.07.2021: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New ATEX Scroll Pump

12.05.2021: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Diaphragm Pumps for Clean, Dry Vacuum

23.11.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum presents new turbopump for ion implantation applications HiPace 2800 IT

05.10.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum expands the HiLobe line of intelligent high-performance Roots pumps

09.07.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum Has Been Setting Standards in Vacuum Technology for 130 Years

20.05.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum Supplies Turbopumps for GANIL Large-Scale Research Facility in France

18.05.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum reports strong first quarter 2020 order intake and stable sales in COVID-19 environment

24.04.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum showcases Hena 50 and Hena 70 powerful vacuum pumps for mass spectrometer systems

02.04.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum reports sound performance in fiscal year 2019

23.03.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces extremely quiet, dry pumps

25.02.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum reaches latest targets for sales and profitability in 2019 and expects sales improvements in 2020

09.01.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum Supplies Leak Detectors for the World’s Largest and Most Powerful Particle Accelerator

02.01.2020: Pfeiffer Vacuum Receives Milestone Award for Vacuum Technology

11.12.2019: Wolfgang Ehrk Named Chief Operations Officer of Pfeiffer Vacuum

21.11.2019: Pfeiffer Vacuum Delivers Revenue Growth in Q3 2019

04.11.2019: Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Plant in China

04.04.2019: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New High-Performance Vacuum Pumps

14.03.2019: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New HiPace 700 H Turbopumps

09.11.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Facility in Nashua, NH

22.10.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Two-stage Rotary Vane Pump

08.10.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New High-Tech Production Site in Romania

09.08.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum: H1 2018 Sales Increase by 22.4% Compared to the Previous Year

02.08.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Employees from all over the World Victorious at Corporate Games

11.05.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Increases Sales in the First Quarter of 2018 by Nearly 25%

23.04.2018: Mobile Leak Detectors ASM 390 and ASM 392 by Pfeiffer Vacuum for Rapid Pump Down and Short Response Times on Large Test Objects

29.03.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Posts Record Sales in FY 2017

14.03.2018: Pfeiffer Vacuum Supplies Vacuum Solutions for the World s Largest and Most Powerful Particle Accelerator

18.12.2017: Sino-German Strategic Cooperation Creates a New Chapter for Pfeiffer Vacuum in China

02.11.2017: Pfeiffer Vacuum developed Vacuum Solutions for European XFEL

25.08.2017: Opening of Pfeiffer Vacuum’s First Service Center in Malaysia

22.06.2017: Breaking Ground for New State-of-the-Art Building at the Headquarters of Pfeiffer Vacuum Subsidiary in North America

01.06.2017: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presented Leak Testing Solutions for a Variety of Applications

31.03.2017: Pfeiffer Vacuum Posts Successful FY 2016

15.03.2017: Pfeiffer Vacuum Reports on Successful Financial Year 2016 and Expects Strong First Half 2017

26.01.2017: Trinos Vakuum-Systeme GmbH now operating under the name Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions GmbH

17.10.2016: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New Magnetically Coupled Rotary Vane Pump Duo 11 ATEX

26.08.2016: Pfeiffer Vacuum Experiences Positive Business Development in the First Six Months of FY 2016

19.02.2016: Modular Leak Detector ASI 35 from Pfeiffer Vacuum

28.01.2016: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents Innovative Vacuum Solutions

23.10.2015: Total Pressure Measurement Equipment Expands to Include New Addition

29.04.2015: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces New HiPace 30 Turbopump

22.04.2015: Powerful New Single-stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Uno 3 and Uno 6

20.04.2015: Pfeiffer Introduces New Roots Vacuum Pumps

02.04.2015: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for Fiscal Year 2014

23.03.2015: Pfeiffer Vacuum Celebrates 125 Years

09.01.2015: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Online Experience

07.11.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for 9M/2014

13.08.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for H1/2014

14.05.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for Q1/2014

02.04.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Receives Award for Best Industry Catalog

24.03.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents Solutions for Use in Laboratory Technology, Analytics and Biotechnology

30.01.2014: Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Vacuum Solutions

22.01.2014: OktaLine ATEX – World’s First Magnetically Coupled and ATEX Certified Roots Pumps

15.08.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for the First Half of 2013

21.05.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for the First Quarter of 2013

10.04.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Launches Two-stage Rotary Vane Pumps

25.02.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Achieves Full-year Profitability Target for 2012

25.01.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces Energy-saving Dry Pumps A 100 L ES

09.01.2013: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces New Chief Financial Officer

08.11.2012: Pfeiffer Vacuum Enlarges Management Board

04.04.2012: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Full Year Results for 2011

23.11.2011: Turbo Pumping Station Now Available With Dry ACP Backing Pump

09.11.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for the First Nine Months of 2011

24.10.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces a New App for the Vacuum Industry

11.08.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for First Half of 2011

18.07.2011: Continuous Condition Monitoring from Pfeiffer Vacuum

20.06.2011: It’s Only A Few Steps to the Fitting Vacuum Solution

09.06.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum to Streamline its Presence in Japan

15.04.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Announces Results for the Full 2010 Fiscal Year

07.04.2011: High Differential Pressures with Low Power Consumption

24.02.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Goes BRIC

21.02.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Apprentices Win Hessenmetall

12.01.2011: Pfeiffer Vacuum Closes Acquisition of Adixen

13.10.2010: Pfeiffer Vacuum Debuts New Internet Presence

16.07.2010: Pfeiffer Vacuum Establishes Subsidiary in Moscow

29.06.2010: HiPace M – Compact, magnetically levitated turbopumps

14.04.2010: Award-Winning Pfeiffer Vacuum Catalog

06.04.2010: SplitFlow 50 Turbopump for Use in Analytical Applications

12.03.2010: Robust HiPace 60 Turbopump

01.03.2010: Duo 125 and Duo 255: Dependable Rotary Vane Pumps

25.08.2008: HiPace Turbopump Line Expanded

26.10.2007: Pfeiffer Vacuum Wins “R&D 100 Award”

05.06.2007: PrismaPlus™- The new Mass Spectrometer with the Added Plus!

15.02.2007: Record Year at Pfeiffer Vacuum

19.09.2006: New Internet Presence for Pfeiffer Vacuum

03.08.2006: Record Performance at Pfeiffer Vacuum

11.11.2005: Pfeiffer Vacuum Reports Steady year-to-date Growth

05.09.2005: 1st Place in “The Best Annual Reports of 2005” Competition

27.07.2005: CompactTurbo™ – Powerful New Vacuum Pumps

07.07.2005: Second Place within TecDAX

13.06.2005: 30 Percent Higher Dividend than last Year

11.05.2005: Pfeiffer Returns to Former Profitability

01.04.2005: Sales Advance in Germany and Asia

09.02.2005: Excellent Prospects for 2005 and Beyond

06.12.2004: Pfeiffer Vacuum wins €uro Corporate Governance Quality Award

02.11.2004: Profit Nearly Doubles During First 9 Months

08.09.2004: “Manager Magazine” Bestows Prize in Competition for Best Annual Reports

05.08.2004: Year-end Profitability Forecast Raised

17.06.2004: Positive Forecast for 2004

04.05.2004: Pfeiffer Vacuum Returns to its Former Profitability

25.03.2004: Sales Target Achieved

16.03.2004: New CFO at Pfeiffer Vacuum

23.02.2004: New North American Sales Agent

15.01.2004: Pfeiffer Vacuum Secures its Employees Company Pensions

10.11.2003: Pfeiffer Vacuum Q 3 Results

15.10.2003: New Sustainability Acknowledgement

05.08.2003: Weak Dollar Impacts Sales and Earnings – New Orders Outpace Sales

26.05.2003: New Magnetically Levitated Turbopump

06.05.2003: Pfeiffer Vacuum Q1/2003 Earnings

25.03.2003: Pfeiffer Vacuum meets sales target

20.03.2003: Pfeiffer Vacuum Appoints New Member to Management Board

05.11.2002: Increased sales at Pfeiffer

06.08.2002: Weak 1st half of 2002 – New orders outpace sales

07.05.2002: Weak 1st quarter in 2002 – Strong influx of new orders in April

06.11.2001: Pfeiffer Vacuum bucks the weak economy, holds its own in a difficult environment

23.05.2001: Pfeiffer Vacuum: sales up 5.9 %

13.02.2001: Pfeiffer Vacuum reports preliminary numbers