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67227 Frankenthal
Pump manufacturer

23.05.2024: Record Figures at KSB’s Annual General Meeting

13.05.2024: KSB Continues the Positive Trend of the Previous Year in the First Quarter of 2024

30.04.2024: KSB Makes One of its Largest Investments Worldwide in Frankenthal

28.03.2024: KSB Closes the 2023 Financial Year with Record Performance

19.02.2024: KSB Expands Range of High-Performance Water Pumps

05.02.2024: KSB Highlights New High-Efficiency Mixers

24.01.2024: New Break Tank Package Booster Sets for Fire Fighting Meet DIN 14462: 2023-07

16.11.2023: New Submersible Pumps in Discharge Tube for a Wide Range of Applications

04.10.2023: KSB Pumps for Big Creek Water Georgia Reclamation Facility Expansion

22.09.2023: New High-pressure Pump Variant for Biomass Power Plants

02.08.2023: New Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuators

13.07.2023: KSB Guard and Omega Pumps Combine to Provide Irrigation Benefits to Spanish Farmers

09.06.2023: KSB Expands its Chemical Pump Series

10.05.2023: New Waste Water Impeller Combines Efficiency and Reliability

03.05.2023: New Drinking Water Circulators from KSB

21.02.2023: New High-Efficiency 10-Inch Stainless Steel Well Pumps

08.02.2023: New In-line Pumps for Building Services Applications

02.02.2023: KSB Announces an Outstanding Financial Year 2022

18.11.2022: KSB’s Good Business Performance Continues in the Third Quarter

10.10.2022: KSB Canada Completes Lake Huron High Lift Pump Replacement Project

27.09.2022: Cyclone Separator Protects Mechanical Seals in Pumps

12.09.2022: KSB Donates Tens of Thousands of Euros for Flood Victims in Pakistan

25.08.2022: New Giant Pump for Mining

01.08.2022: New, Fully Automatic Break Tank Package Booster Set for Fire Fighting

21.07.2022: Future-Proof Diaphragm Valves for Drinking Water

14.07.2022: High-Efficiency Circulator for Larger Buildings

17.06.2022: KSB and Leistritz Launch International Service Alliance

24.05.2022: New Break Tank Package Booster Set for Drinking Water from KSB

29.04.2022: KSB Gets Off to a Strong Start in the New Year

29.03.2022: KSB Closes 2021 Financial Year Very Successfully

28.02.2022: Pumps for Flood Control in Paraguay

15.02.2022: New Pressure Booster Systems for Water Supply Applications

08.02.2022: New Valve for Hydraulic Balancing

17.12.2021: Intelligent Actual-position Feedback Unit for Pneumatic Linear Valves

11.11.2021: KSB Satisfied with Business Performance in the First Nine Months

20.09.2021: 150 Years of KSB – People. Passion. Performance.

17.08.2021: Half-Year Financial Report 2021: KSB Increases Order Intake, Sales Revenue and EBIT

14.07.2021: KSB Equips New Water Pump Station for Calgary

05.05.2021: KSB Presents a New Generation of Submersible Motor Pumps

14.04.2021: Editorial: Dewatering in Mining Demands Durable, Reliable and Efficient Pumps

25.03.2021: KSB Satisfied with Financial Statements for a Year Overshadowed by COVID-19

16.02.2021: KSB Expands its Facilities in Australia

14.12.2020: KSB Sells French Service Company to Dalkia Group

13.11.2020: KSB Posts Recovery In The Third Quarter of 2020

29.10.2020: KSB Sewatec Pumps Contribute to Lake Ontario Clean-Up

14.08.2020: Coronavirus pandemic dents KSB business perfomance

13.05.2020: New consulting centre for additive manufacturing

17.03.2020: Circulators for heating systems cut energy costs by up to 20 percent

10.03.2020: New high-efficiency 8-inch well pump of stainless steel from KSB

03.03.2020: New waste water pump with efficient hydraulic system from KSB

25.02.2020: KSB presents new waste water pumps for high ambient temperatures

12.02.2020: BIM – Cooperation with Norwegian IT specialists

17.01.2020: The World’s Most Powerful Boiler Feed Pump Dispatched

12.12.2019: KSB Administrative Board Extends Appointments of Three Managing Directors

14.11.2019: KSB Satisfied with the Current Financial Year

06.09.2019: KSB Launches New Website in Sweden

07.08.2019: New Protection Module for Water and Waste Water Applications

12.07.2019: Butterfly Valves for Food Applications

13.06.2019: Annual General Meeting of KSB: Course Set for Growth After a Year of Major Changes

22.02.2019: New Diaphragm Valve for Drinking Water

18.02.2019: Diaphragm Valves for Large Swiss Biopharmaceutical Plant

06.02.2019: New, Field Bus Compatible Pressure Booster Systems

30.01.2019: New Drinking Water Measurement Valve Using Ultrasound

23.01.2019: Advanced High-efficiency Pumps

16.01.2019: New High-efficiency Pressure Booster Systems

10.01.2019: Montreal’s Water Supply System Gets an Additional Pump

29.11.2018: Submersible Borehole Pumps for Particularly High Heads

05.11.2018: Vertical Turbine Pumps Extend the Product Range

24.09.2018: Special KSB Pumps Cool Power Electronics of Trains and Wind Turbines

02.08.2018: Pump Impeller Delivers Improved Suction Characteristics

27.07.2018: New KSB App Simplifies Pump Operation

31.05.2018: New KSB Suspended Pumps with the Hydraulic System of Standardised Chemical Pumps

13.04.2018: New Gigantic Pumps for Waste Water Transport by KSB

29.03.2018: New System by KSB Puts Pumps into the Internet of Things

21.03.2018: Mounting Aid by KSB Speeds up Maintenance Work on Waste Water Pumps

05.03.2018: KSB Online Pump Acceptance Testing Now Online

23.02.2018: Mechanical Seal for Large Water Pumps by KSB

16.02.2018: Self-Cleaning Tank Inserts for Waste Water Tanks

09.02.2018: KSB Presents Products

02.02.2018: KSB Refinery Pumps Ease Traffic in Oman

23.11.2017: KSB Group Confirms Growth Trend

01.11.2017: Chairman of the KSB Board of Management Appointed

18.08.2017: New Pneumatic Actuator for Diaphragm Valves Used in Sterile Applications

09.08.2017: KSB Focuses on Hygienic Pump Series

20.07.2017: Butterfly Valve by KSB for Long-Distance Water Transport

09.06.2017: Compact High-Pressure Pump for Plant Engineering

18.05.2017: KSB Group Takes Action Against Asian Brand and Trademark Infringers

10.05.2017: KSB France opens major service centre in Aix-en-Provence

03.05.2017: New KSB 4-inch Submersible Borehole Pumps Made of Stainless Steel

26.04.2017: KSB Delivers Pumps for Europe’s Largest Waste Water Project

19.04.2017: New KSB Drives Reduce Variant Complexity of Pumps

31.03.2017: New Cost-Effective Pressure Booster System by KSB

24.02.2017: KSB Sells US Valves Company

20.02.2017: Obituary: Dr. Wolfgang Kühborth

16.02.2017: New Variable Speed System for HVAC Applications by KSB

26.01.2017: New High-Efficiency Pumps for OEMs by KSB

25.11.2016: KSB Pumps for Vietnam

09.11.2016: New Pneumatic Actuator with Tandem Piston by KSB

03.11.2016: New In-Line Pumps for Building Services by KSB

21.09.2016: KSB Improves Cost Structure

05.09.2016: KSB Pumps for Brazilian Cellulose Production

24.08.2016: New Cast Steel Gate Valve with Butt Weld Ends

10.08.2016: Easy-to-Service Mechanical Seal by KSB for Waste Water Pumps

04.08.2016: New Cast Steel Control Valve by KSB for Industry

20.07.2016: Injection Pumps Provide Reliability for Natural Gas Liquids Producer

14.07.2016: New Efficient High-Pressure Pump for a Powerful Performance

05.07.2016: Butterfly Valve for Fire Protection Applications by KSB

16.06.2016: KSB Inaugurated New French Production Facility

01.06.2016: Power Station Pumps by KSB for Cairo

18.05.2016: New KSB Impeller Combines Reliability and Efficiency

10.05.2016: New Synchronous Motors Make for Highly Efficient Submersible Borehole Pumps

15.04.2016: PumpMeter by KSB Optimises Fluid Handling in the Life Sciences Industry

08.04.2016: New KSB Service Centre in Abu Dhabi

01.04.2016: Highly Efficient Submersible Motor Pumps for a Broad Range of Applications by KSB

22.03.2016: New KSB Impeller Combines Reliability and Efficiency

17.03.2016: Variable Speed System for Waste Water Pumps by KSB

17.02.2016: KSB´s New Drinking Water Circulators

27.01.2016: KSB Revised Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

06.01.2016: KSB Receives Major Pump Order for Three Egyptian Power Stations

16.12.2015: KSB Twin Pumps for Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems

05.11.2015: KSB Meets US Coast Guard Requirements

28.10.2015: KSB Group Inaugurated New Foundry in Grovetown (USA)

21.10.2015: KSB Introduces New Low-speed Submersible Mixer

15.10.2015: Major Contract for New Indian Power Station

07.10.2015: Multistage Pump with Long Service Life from KSB

28.09.2015: KSB Introduces New High-Pressure Pump Series

20.08.2015: New Balancing and Measurement Valves With Ultrasound Technology

31.07.2015: Philharmonie de Paris Breaks New Ground in Wastewater Removal Efficiency

29.05.2015: Mobile App Brings Industry 4.0 to All Pumps

18.05.2015: New Canned Motor Pumps for Chemical and Process Engineering Applications

07.04.2015: KSB Submersible Pumps Provide Flood Protection in Canada

18.03.2015: KSB Presents Calio S and Calio Therm S Pump Series

11.02.2015: New Fully Automatic Condensate Lifting Unit

03.02.2015: KSB: New Lifting Unit For Restricted Space Installation

28.01.2015: High-Efficiency Circulator Pump in XXL Size

05.11.2014: Valves for ANSI-compliant Power Plants

29.09.2014: 6,580 Valves for New Power Station in India

25.08.2014: Valves for a Power Station of the Future

10.07.2014: Major Order for Vietnam Refinery

25.06.2014: New Electric Motors Save Three Million kWh

23.06.2014: New Heat Transfer Fluid Pump in In-line Design

18.06.2014: KSB Invests 12 Million Euros in French Production Site

11.06.2014: KSB Pumps on Board the White Swan Since 1962

04.06.2014: A New Mag-drive Pump for Process Engineering Applications

27.05.2014: Hot Water Recirculation Pump Without External Cooling

22.05.2014: New Butterfly Valve with Double-function

12.05.2014: Automatic Submersible Pump for Rainwater Harvesting

24.04.2014: Pumps for the World’s Most Modern Coal-Fired Power Plant

17.04.2014: Software for Building Services Consultants

04.04.2014: New Pressure Booster System

26.03.2014: KSB Motor Awarded Energy Efficiency Prize

21.03.2014: KSB Presents New Variant of High-efficiency AmaDS³ Wastewater Pump Station

05.03.2014: Pump Drive for Industrial Applications

25.02.2014: New Generation of Close-coupled Pumps

19.02.2014: KSB Presents New Intelligent Pump Drive

14.02.2014: New Powerful In-line Pumps for Building Services Applications

03.02.2014: Camargue Flood Prevention with KSB

08.01.2014: Water for Algeria

20.12.2013: Change in the KSB Board of Management

16.12.2013: KSB Receives RWE award

27.11.2013: Pumps for Indonesian Power Station

01.11.2013: Pumps for Polish Combined Cycle Power Station

21.10.2013: Valves Help Salvage the Costa Concordia

10.10.2013: Cruise Ship Europa 2 Equipped With KSB Products

25.09.2013: New Zero-leakage Refinery Pump from KSB

12.07.2013: KSB Supports the Development of Bio-based Elastomers

09.07.2013: Historical Pumps Restored at Technical University Munich

30.05.2013: KSB Introduces New Vertical, Multistage Centrifugal Pump

25.04.2013: KSB Opens New Factory in Brazil

22.04.2013: Pumps and Valves for Germany’s First Straw-fired Combined Heat and Power Plant

05.04.2013: KSB Pumps Are Helping to Keep the Baltic Sea Clean

21.03.2013: High-performance Pumps for New Indian Power Station

18.03.2013: New High-efficiency Circulator Made by KSB

27.02.2013: KSB Launches Latest Generation of Its Etanorm Series

20.02.2013: Pumps for Spanish Solar Power Plant

13.11.2012: New Mixer for Biogas Plants

07.11.2012: New System Lowers Costs of Seawater Desalination

30.10.2012: Award for KSB Innovation

26.07.2012: New Control Units and Positioners for Pneumatic Actuators

18.05.2012: KSB Wins Industry Prize 2012 at Hannover Messe

07.05.2012: Pumps for a Green London

25.04.2012: KSB Wins Manufacturer of the Year Award

19.04.2012: New Shut-off Butterfly Valves for Liquefied Gas Transport

04.04.2012: Series Production of the New IE4 Motor About to Start

29.03.2012: High-performance Pumps for Large Dutch Power Station

21.03.2012: Immersion Variant of High-pressure Pump

02.03.2012: New Standardised Chemical Pump for the Global Market

24.02.2012: Miniature Wastewater Lifting Unit

22.02.2012: KSB Takes Over Danish Pump Manufacturer

16.02.2012: New Solids Separation System for Highly Efficient Waste Water Disposal

08.02.2012: KSB Increases Consolidated Sales Revenue

23.11.2011: KSB Inaugurates New Valve Factory in China

18.11.2011: Butterfly Valves for Liquefied Gas Tankers

12.10.2011: Ambassador Visits Subterranean Hydropower Station

23.09.2011: KSB: 140 Years Old

25.08.2011: New Etanorm SYT Heat Transfer Liquid Pump

22.08.2011: KSB Reports Growth in Emerging Economies and in Its General Business

04.08.2011: Large Submersible Motor Pumps for Mexico

01.08.2011: KSB Pumps Make Paris Fountains Gush

22.07.2011: KSB Opens Regional Headquarters in Dubai

17.06.2011: Diaphragm valves for chloroalkali electrolysis plant in Taiwan

01.06.2011: More Cooling Water for Qatar

27.05.2011: Fire-Fighting Equipment for Confined Spaces

04.05.2011: KSB Bevron Volute Pumps for the UK’s Largest Water Pumping Station

28.04.2011: KSB Is A Winner in the British Pump Industry Awards

08.04.2011: KSB Group Posts Growth in Order Intake and Sales Revenue

25.03.2011: KSB Acquires South Korean Valve Manufacturer

22.02.2011: Pumps for Coal Gasification in India

02.02.2011: Pressure Booster Package System

26.01.2011: Pumps for Suction Dredgers in the Atlantic

19.01.2011: New Waste Water Lifting Units

07.01.2011: High-Performance In-line Pumps for Skyscrapers

04.01.2011: Highly Efficient Waste Water Pumps

22.12.2010: New Maintenance-Free, High-Efficiency Wet Rotor Pump

01.12.2010: Pumps for Spanish Particle Accelerator

10.11.2010: KSB Group Reports Slight Growth in Order Intake

22.10.2010: Special Pumps for Crude Oil Caverns

19.10.2010: New Positive Displacement Pump

24.09.2010: River Turbines On Line

27.08.2010: KSB Group: Growth in Orders Outside Europe

13.08.2010: KSB Extends India Foundry

11.08.2010: KSB Buys US Service Company

05.08.2010: KSB Buys into Drive Manufacturer

30.07.2010: KSB Itur Opens New Pump Testing Plant in Zarautz

16.07.2010: KSB Equips Bio Diesel Plant in Sweden

21.05.2010: Commissioning of Test Facility for Power Station Pumps

18.05.2010: New Canned Motor Pumps According to API 685

12.05.2010: KSB Group: Interim Report on the First Quarter of 2010

10.05.2010: High-Pressure Pump for the Food and Beverage Industry

29.04.2010: New Pump Monitoring Unit

26.04.2010: KSB Opens Second Training Centre in Hanover

16.04.2010: Cooling Water Pumps for Saudi Arabian Power Station

07.04.2010: KSB Group Generates Earnings of Aapprox. € 173 Million

31.03.2010: Underground Drinking Water

26.03.2010: New Circulating Pumps for Heat Transfer Systems

15.03.2010: KSB Group Equips Mexican Pumping Station

02.03.2010: Drinking Water Pumps for New York

24.02.2010: KSB Group Supplies Pumps for Lake Mead Tunnel

12.02.2010: Pumps for Abu Dhabi

01.02.2010: KSB Expects Very Good Consolidated Earnings in 2009

14.01.2010: Major Order for Five Pumping Stations in Algeria

05.01.2010: New Energy-Saving Swimming Pool Recirculation Pumps

22.12.2009: Cooling Water Pumps for Rotterdam Power Station

16.12.2009: KSB Group Equips Dredgers

11.12.2009: The Latest Generation of Submersible Motor Pumps

07.12.2009: Offshore Pumps Run in Continuous Operation Since 1989

01.12.2009: Pumps for Fifty-Two Chinese Effluent Treatment Plants

10.11.2009: KSB Group with Slight Decline in Sales Revenue

03.11.2009: Pumps for Italian High-Speed Trains

14.10.2009: KSB Receives 50 Million Euro Order

01.10.2009: Huge Cooling Water Pump for Saudi Arabia

22.09.2009: Large Pump for Senegal

21.08.2009: KSB Sales Revenue at Previous Year’s Level

24.07.2009: New CAD Customer Portal

02.07.2009: Drinking Water Pumping Stations for Algeria

25.06.2009: New Pressure Boosting Units for Fire-Fighting Systems

16.06.2009: Pumps for Australia

11.06.2009: Energy Efficiency in Building Services Applications

10.06.2009: Environmental Award for Energy-Efficient Products and Solutions

07.05.2009: KSB Group Achieves Earnings of € 200 Million

30.03.2009: New Control Valve for Industry

25.03.2009: ACHEMA Features Successful Development

23.03.2009: New Process Pumps for Flue Gas Desulphurisation

13.03.2009: Monitoring Unit Makes Maintenance Plannable

17.02.2009: Recirculation Pumps From KSB – The All-Round Savers

13.02.2009: New Economical Circulator Pump for Universal Use

29.01.2009: New Packaged Sewage Pumping Stations

26.01.2009: New Pump Selection Program at the ISH

15.01.2009: New Level Control Unit for Pumps

12.01.2009: New Training Centre for Pump Automation Products

26.11.2008: Innovation Prize for KSB

25.11.2008: KSB Continues its Double-Digit Growth

21.11.2008: Major Order for Irrigation Project in Brazil

14.11.2008: Turbine Systems Used for Energy Generation

10.11.2008: KSB at BRAU Beviale 2008 Nuremberg

03.11.2008: Pumps for Algerian Fertiliser Factory

22.10.2008: Major Order from German Chemical Company

25.09.2008: Pressure Exchanger Cuts Desalination Costs on Malta

28.08.2008: KSB: Major Order for Algeria

22.08.2008: KSB Group Remains on Growth Path

13.08.2008: 70 % Savings Potential in Hydraulic Systems

10.07.2008: Better Than New After 40 Years’ Service

19.06.2008: Market Leader for Sprinkler Pumps in Europe

13.06.2008: Annual General Meeting of KSB AG

06.06.2008: More Pumps Ordered for Japanese Liquefied Gas Caverns

21.05.2008: Drinking Water for Sydney

15.05.2008: Leading Supplier of Pumps for Rail Vehicles

05.05.2008: New Slide Rule Type Selector For Sewage Lifting Units

30.04.2008: Major Contract for Steel Mill in Egypt

23.04.2008: KSB Improves Group Earnings by More Than 40 percent

21.04.2008: Leading Supplier to German Solar Companies

14.04.2008: Nikkiso-KSB GmbH Joint Venture

12.03.2008: Latest Generation Submersible Mixers

05.03.2008: New Pumps For Seawater Desalination

28.02.2008: Foundation Stone Laid For New Production Facility

08.02.2008: New Pressure Boosting Units

01.02.2008: New Rainwater Harvesting System Added to Product Range

01.02.2008: New Generation of Sewage Lifting Units

28.09.2007: Drinking Water For Algeria

28.08.2007: Libyan Pumping Station Goes On Stream

20.08.2007: KSB At WTT-Expo 2007

07.08.2007: Improving The Economic Efficiency Of Biogas Installations

19.07.2007: New Life For An Old Pump

13.07.2007: Pumps for Puerto Rico

30.04.2007: KSB at Bauma 2007

22.03.2007: Modernization of District Heating System

01.02.2007: New Smart Pressure Boosting System

12.01.2007: New Sewage Lifting Unit to DIN 12050-1

08.12.2006: Biggest Valves Contract in 135 Years

23.11.2006: Major Contract for Power Plant with Seawater Desalination

08.11.2006: Order for Pumps to Operate on Man-made Island

24.10.2006: KSB Secures Spanish Water Supply

23.10.2006: Pumps for Japanese Oil Tanks

26.09.2006: Giant Pump for Mongolia

20.09.2006: High-Performance Pumps for Major German Power Station

16.08.2006: KSB Group Substantially Increases Six-Month Earnings

03.08.2006: New 6-Inch Submersible Borehole Pumps

24.07.2006: Major Contract for Libya

21.07.2006: Power Plant Operators

11.07.2006: Range of Diagonal Single Vane Impellers Extended

23.06.2006: KSB Group Remains on Course for Growth

22.06.2006: Major Contract for Newly Built Indian Power Station

10.05.2006: KSB at ACHEMA 2006

10.05.2006: Intelligent Level Control

03.05.2006: Energy Savings up to 60 %

03.05.2006: Giant Pumps for Great Britain

24.04.2006: Key Contract for Cyprus

21.04.2006: Large Pumps for Norwegian Oil Industry

20.04.2006: KSB Group Improves Sales Revenue and Profits

10.04.2006: Change in Supervisory Board and Board of Management

16.02.2006: Major Contract from Switzerland

16.02.2006: New Chairman of the Board of Management at KSB

30.01.2006: KSB Group Records Double-Digit Order Growth

06.12.2005: Eight Giant Pumps for China

07.10.2005: KSB at WTT Expo 2005

12.09.2005: Pumps for Reverse Osmosis Applications

11.08.2005: KSB Shows Strong Growth in Orders and Sales

09.08.2005: New Pumps for Painting and Surface Treatment Applications

29.07.2005: KSB Benefits from Power Station Boom in China

22.07.2005: Pumps for Dutch Oil Platform

05.07.2005: Change in the KSB Board

02.06.2005: Annual General Meeting of KSB AG

18.04.2005: Service Network in Germany and Spain Expanded

18.04.2005: Pakistani Minister Pays KSB a Visit

31.03.2005: New Alternative to Buying Pumps

21.03.2005: KSB Power Plant Technology for India

18.03.2005: KSB at IFAT 2005 in Munich

09.02.2005: New Pump Selection Software in over 20 Languages

01.02.2005: Asian Economy Boosts Demand

10.01.2005: KSB Helps in South-East Asia

22.12.2004: Where Quality Gets a New Lease of Life

16.11.2004: PumpExpert Diagnostic System Provides Precise Information

05.10.2004: New Vertical High-Pressure Pump

20.09.2004: KSB Group Takes Over Velmec

20.09.2004: Y-valves for Thermal Oil Systems

30.08.2004: KSB Group on Course for Growth

29.07.2004: Power Station Pumps for China

09.07.2004: KSB Pump Monitoring System Awarded

09.07.2004: KSB to Increase Earnings by 2006

21.06.2004: New System Reduces Costs of Seawater Desalination

28.05.2004: Change in KSB Management

05.05.2004: “Offshore” Loading for Liquefied Natural Gas via Flexible Piping

05.05.2004: High-Performance Butterfly Valve Has Stood Fire Test

30.04.2004: KSB Announces 650 Job Cuts in Europe

30.04.2004: KSB Launched Submersible Borehole Pump Series

05.01.2004: Higher Efficiency for Submersible Pumps

19.12.2003: KSB Acquires Precision Pump and Machine

01.12.2003: KSB Pumps for Seawater Desalination

17.11.2003: KSB Acquires Itur

14.11.2003: Mag-drive Pumps for Wort Transport

27.08.2003: KSB Group With Slight Growth in Orders

27.08.2003: Service Network Expanded in Belgium and France

27.08.2003: New Compact Valve by KSB

17.06.2003: KSB Annual General Meeting Elects New Supervisory Board

17.06.2003: Process Pump for Refineries

17.06.2003: Standardized Chemical Pump for High Temperatures

21.05.2003: KSB Acquires DP industries B.V.

29.04.2003: KSB plans acquisition of DP Pumps

29.04.2003: KSB Group Increases Pre-tax Earnings by 28 Percent

22.04.2003: KSB Takes Over 38 Former Employees of PSA

18.03.2003: Submersible borehole pumps for Western Siberia

13.03.2003: KSB involvement in EU energy efficiency programme

13.03.2003: Large order from a chemical facility in China

13.03.2003: Drinking water for Riyadh

26.02.2003: New circulator with electronic motor control

11.02.2003: Improvement in KSB Group Results in 2002

11.02.2003: KSB extends webshop

10.12.2002: Giant Valves For World’s Biggest Cooling System

03.12.2002: More orders for KSB in Europe and Asia

22.11.2002: KSB acquires valve factory in Lünen, Germany

29.10.2002: New electronic controller for radiator heating circuits

25.09.2002: The pump as process monitor

25.09.2002: KSB helps flood victims in France

19.08.2002: KSB Service teams helping to fight the floods

11.06.2002: KSB Group: slightly improved results, higher dividend for shareholders

29.05.2002: KSB Group reports order intake at previous year´s level

29.05.2002: New, Cost-Saving Drainage Station Design

29.05.2002: Open-throat pump: no bridge breakers required

26.04.2002: Annual Report Year 2001: KSB Group again reports improved results

28.02.2002: New Web Shop for Pumps and Valves

14.02.2002: KSB Group results at previous year’s level

30.01.2002: Valve production certified under new directive

14.01.2002: New gate valves and swing check valves

18.12.2001: Major order for seawater desalination

06.12.2001: New high-pressure pump for reverse osmosis

06.12.2001: KSB Group: Interim Report as per 30 September 2001

16.11.2001: ksb.com goes to the pump manufacturer KSB

16.11.2001: Major Order for Irrigation Project in Libya

05.10.2001: New High-Performance Butterfly Valve for the Industry

27.09.2001: New impeller for waste water pumps

05.09.2001: KSB Group results show positive development: Interim Report as per 30 June 2001

16.08.2001: New Mag-drive Pump for Thermal Oils

16.08.2001: Million Deutschmark order for drinking water pipeline

23.07.2001: High-pressure gate valves made of new material

02.07.2001: KSB Group: Stronger market position

18.05.2001: KSB Group on Course for Growth

16.05.2001: Special designs despite time constraint

16.05.2001: Hot water circulating pump without external cooling

02.05.2001: KSB Group achieves a marked improvement in its results

13.03.2001: New small sewage lifting unit

09.03.2001: Submersible water pump for harvesting rain water

19.02.2001: KSB: Intelligent control valve with electric actuator

14.02.2001: Intelligent sensor control for waste water pumps

30.01.2001: Diaphragm valves made of Alloy 59

30.01.2001: KSB: Results better than in 1999

02.01.2001: KSB: New 4-inch Pump for Deep Well Applications

30.10.2000: KSB Board of Management Will be Strengthened

27.10.2000: Giant boiler feed pump passed the test

29.09.2000: Seven parallel pumps without switchgear

29.08.2000: KSB Increases Service Capability in the UK

27.07.2000: KSB Group takes advantage of economic upturn

12.07.2000: Submersible motor pump for floating-suction water intake

22.05.2000: KSB at ACHEMA 2000

16.02.2000: Zero-leakage, high-efficiency ring-section pump