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22.03.2024: Water for Peace: World Water Day 2024

07.12.2023: BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues 2023: Advancing Circular Water Economy Worldwide

13.10.2023: Roadmap for the Future: BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues 2023 Online Conference Explores the Revolution in Circular Water Economy

05.07.2023: Save the Date: International Online Conference BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues 2023

30.03.2023: Accelerating Change: World Water Day 2023

19.12.2022: BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues discussed Benefits, Trends and Challenges in Application

02.04.2019: Inspired by nature: Berlin Becomes Hotspot for Creative Minds on Water Management

18.02.2019: 1st Egyptian-German Water Partnership Day in Cairo

07.11.2018: Blue Planet Berlin Water Dialogues: New Solutions for Urban Water Infrastructures

22.05.2014: German Water Partnership – Annual Conference 2014

04.12.2013: German Water Partnership Goes West

21.11.2013: New managing director of German Water Partnership

13.11.2013: India’s Water Sector Needs Innovative and Adapted Solutions

28.08.2013: 1st Indian-German Water Partnership Day in Bangalore

09.07.2013: Successful German-Vietnamese Water Cooperation

10.06.2013: Networking, Cooperation, Investment: Instruments for the Exploration of International Water Markets

21.05.2013: Strong Network, Expansion of International Contacts and Actual Initiations of Business

20.03.2013: 10 Billion Euros Needed for Sustainable Development of the Croatian Water Sector

15.02.2013: Obituary: GWP Mourns Stefan Girod

07.02.2013: With German Water Partnership at Wasser Berlin International 2013

27.09.2012: German Water Partnership Presents German Solutions for Development in Washington