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MI 49503 Grand Rapids
Pump manufacturer

28.08.2023: Blackmer Opens Expanded Headquarters

22.11.2021: Blackmer Increases Manufacturing Footprint and Production Capabilities

02.06.2021: New Blackmer Pump for LPG Bobtails and Transports

02.02.2021: Blackmer Launches New App

17.12.2020: Blackmer Releases Centrifugal Pumps for High Temperatures

10.08.2020: Blackmer Releases Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pumps

20.06.2019: Blackmer Extends its Line of GNX Series Pumps

04.07.2018: Blackmer Celebrates 115 Years in the Pump Industry

13.12.2017: New Solution From Blackmer Solves Challenges with Shaft Misalignment in Chemical-Transfer Applications

20.11.2017: Blackmer Releases New Brochure

09.10.2017: Blackmer Introduces SX1B-DEF Series Sliding Vane Pump For Use in DEF Fleet-Refueling and Tote Applications

18.08.2017: Blackmer Offering GNX & GNXH Series Pumps for Chemical-Transfer Applications

24.03.2017: Blackmer Releases GNX & GNXH Series Pumps

15.07.2015: Blackmer Adds NG/NGS Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors as a Solution for Oilfield Applications

13.10.2014: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps Feature the Operational Advantages Required for Shale Oil Transfer Applications

15.09.2014: Blackmer Extends XLW Series Sliding Vane Pump

12.02.2014: Blackmer XL Series Sliding Vane Pumps Designed for Efficient Transfer of Light Shale Crude Oil

03.09.2013: Blackmer Releases Updated Bulletin 501-001 in Multiple Languages

05.06.2013: Blackmer Launches Oil & Gas Microsite

13.05.2013: Blackmer XL/HXL Series Pumps Meet Oilfield Transfer Needs

19.04.2013: Blackmer NP/SNP Sliding Vane Pumps Ideal for Oil & Gas

14.03.2013: Blackmer Launches Paint & Coatings Website

12.03.2013: Blackmer HD and HDS Series Reciprocating Compressors Offer Design to Control Vapors and Contamination

15.02.2013: Blackmer GX/X Series Pumps Help Optimize Oilfield Operations

31.01.2013: Blackmer Reciprocating Gas Compressors Conquer the Challenges Found in LPG Transloading

23.01.2013: Blackmer Introduces NPH4F Sliding Vane Pumps

30.08.2012: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps Designed to Handle Temperature and Viscosities in Asphalt Production

25.07.2012: Blackmer XL Sliding Vane Pumps Provide Energy-Efficient Performance for Lube Oil Applications

20.07.2012: Blackmer HXL Sliding Vane Pumps Offer Superior Self-Priming, Suction Lift

09.05.2012: Sliding Vane Pump For Light-Viscosity Chemical-Handling Applications

16.03.2012: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps Designed For Compatibility With AdBlue Handling Operations

05.03.2012: Blackmer Introduces New LGL3021 Multi-Purpose LPG Pump

13.02.2012: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps Ideal For Eliminating Contamination In AdBlue Handling Applications

17.01.2012: Blackmer NP Series Sliding Vane Pumps Offer Reliable Product Transfer in Asphalt-Handling Applications

11.01.2012: Blackmer X/GX Series Sliding Vane Pumps Are Built to Handle Solvents in Paint & Coatings Manufacture

21.12.2011: Blackmer Creates Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Web Page

25.10.2011: System One Pumps Offer Reliable Transfer Technology for Multiple Water & Wastewater Applications

17.10.2011: Blackmer SGL Series Sliding Vane Pumps Upgraded

14.09.2011: Blackmer GX Series Pumps for Chemical Processing

31.08.2011: Blackmer ML Series Pumps Ideal for Highly Viscous Liquid Transfer in Terminal Operations

22.08.2011: Blackmer TXH35A Pumps Designed for Handling Fuel Oil

03.08.2011: Blackmer: NG Series Natural Gas Compressor Line

26.05.2011: Blackmer Introduces STX1220A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump

13.05.2011: Pirkl Gas Improves Loading Times With Help of Blackmer Pumps

28.04.2011: Pumps For Use In Continuous-Duty LPG Applications

15.04.2011: Blackmer System One Centrifugal Pumps for the Storage Terminal Industry

11.03.2011: Blackmer Completes Electric Heating Option on NP Series Sliding Vane Pumps

02.03.2011: Blackmer SMVP Pumps Provide Seal-Less, Mag-Drive Design Advantages In Liquid-Terminal Applications

20.01.2011: Sliding Vane Pumps Provide Energy-Efficient Liquid Transfer Solution

13.01.2011: Sliding Vane Pumps Offer the Versatility Necessary in Biodiesel Production

20.12.2010: Sliding Vane Pumps Able to Handle the Most Demanding Applications in Liquid-Terminal Operations

02.09.2010: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps for Peter Cremer North America

06.08.2010: Blackmer Centrifugal Pumps Deliver the Reliability and Versatility Necessary for Terminal Operations

09.07.2010: Blackmer Adds Electric Heating Option to NP Series Pumps

17.06.2010: Sliding Vane Pumps Provide Efficient Product Transfer in Liquid-Storage Terminals

26.05.2010: Blackmer Launches New Web Site Dedicated to Smart Energy Initiative

10.05.2010: Blackmer LB Series Gas Compressors Chosen For Upgrade of Lenoblgaz OAO’S LPG Pumping Station

30.04.2010: SMVP Pumps Provide Seal-Less, Mag-Drive Design Advantages In Soap & Detergents Applications

21.04.2010: Blackmer NP Series Sliding Vane Pumps

13.04.2010: Sliding Vane Pumps Ideal for Numerous Applications Within Liquid-Storage Terminals

18.03.2010: Sliding Vane Pump Ideal For Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Transfer Applications

12.03.2010: Blackmer Reintroduces Sliding Vane Pump For Use In Specialty-Gas Applications

04.03.2010: Blackmer to Exhibit at 30th Annual ILTA Show

26.02.2010: XL Series Sliding Vane Pumps Offer High-Level Performance In Lube-Plant Applications

08.02.2010: TXD Able to Transfer Multiple Types of Fuel Products

02.02.2010: New Blackmer CRL Sliding Vane Pumps Set

26.01.2010: STX Sliding Vane Pumps Provide High Capacity Process Transfer of Corrosives

13.01.2010: Blackmer Liquid Terminals Brochure Now Available

11.01.2010: Blackmer TLGLF Flange-Mounted Pumps Deliver Superior Performance

22.12.2009: Blackmer ProVane Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Improves Terminal Efficiency

26.11.2009: HXL Sliding Vane Pumps Quickly Evacuate Terminal Storage Tanks

02.11.2009: Blackmer Expands BV2 Bypass Valves To Include High-Grade FKM O-rings

08.09.2009: Blackmer Earns Excellence Bronze Award from DSCC

31.08.2009: Odessa Pumps Now Certified on Blackmer Compressors

15.07.2009: Blackmer Adds 3-Inch Piston Air Valve Option For Its TX/TXD Sliding Vane Pump Lines

03.07.2009: Blackmer Donates TXD Sliding Vane Transport Pump To Patten Oil’s Breast Cancer Awareness Program

15.05.2009: Blackmer to Display Energy-Efficient Transfer Technologies in Booth 223 at ILTA

14.04.2009: Blackmer Introduces High-Speed TXH3 Pump

03.04.2009: Blackmer Announces Enhanced Presence at NPGA Show

11.03.2009: Blackmer Supplies Equipment For MPGA’S Propane Emergency Response Network

04.03.2009: Jim Pope Appointed Director Of Finance For Blackmer

12.02.2009: Tom Madden Appointed Managing Director of Blackmer

09.02.2009: Blackmer Increases Versatility of Its BV2 Bypass Valves With Additional Flange Options

30.01.2009: Blackmer LB Series Gas Compressors Chosen in Upgrade of Algerias LPG Distribution System

13.01.2009: Blackmer’s TXD Sliding Vane Pumps Offer Reliable Operation

08.01.2009: Wide Array of Blackmer Pump Technologies Drastically Reduces Scale-to-Scale Time

27.11.2008: Tank Farm Running at Full Capacity Utilizing Blackmer GX Series Pumps

14.11.2008: Blackmer SNP Pumps Are Designed to Unload Raw Materials From Railcars

12.11.2008: Blackmer Sliding Vane Pump Plays Pivotal Role in Unique Ammonia-Transfer Application

10.11.2008: Blackmer Provane Pumps Provide Performance Advantages For Ethanol Producers