AxFlow Group

820 Yeovil Road, Slough Trading Estate
SL1 4JA Slough
United Kingdom
Service provider

03.07.2023: AxFlow Norway Announces Acquisition of VA-Prosjekt Midt-Norge AS

11.11.2022: AxFlow Denmark acquires Gram Vakuum Teknik ApS

01.06.2022: AxFlow Expands Product Portfolio and Service Operation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

10.03.2022: AxFlow Denmark Acquires Pumpegruppen A/S

15.11.2021: AxFlow Holding Acquires Majority Ownership of Starline Valves Oy

13.07.2021: AxFlow Holding Becomes Majority Shareholder in Danish System Cleaners

01.07.2021: AxFlow Italy Expands its’ Pumps and Mixers Repair Services by the Acquisition of RPT S.r.l.

11.05.2021: AxFlow’s Brown Brothers Engineers Australia Aquires INCA Control Pty Ltd.

23.04.2021: Valentina Cristea: Winner of Axlab 2020

13.04.2021: Brown Brothers Well Prepared for Further Expansion

18.02.2021: AxFlow Great Britain Grows with the Acquisition of The Pump Company

21.01.2021: AxFlow Sweden Expands its Strategic Collaboration with SPX FLOW Europe

09.12.2020: AxFlow Strengthens Product Portfolio and Service Operation in Austria

24.07.2019: AxFlow Acquires Irish Pumps & Valves Limited

22.07.2019: AxFlow Holding Acquires Induchem Group in Ireland

27.06.2019: AxFlow Expands its Business in Italy With the Acquisition of Generalcontrol S.p.a.

10.05.2019: AxFlow Expands Business in the Balkan Region By Acquisition of VIP Tehnika

06.05.2019: AxFlow Norway Expands Offering in Valves and Piping Solutions by Acquiring Innva AS

04.02.2019: Brown Brothers Engineers/Kelair Pumps Acquire GT Water Technologies

12.10.2018: AxFlow Acquires Crest Process Engineering Ltd – Radstock

26.09.2018: AxFlow Enters Australia and New Zealand by Acquiring Brown Brothers/Kelair

12.03.2018: AxFlow Italy Acquired Cinti S.r.l., a Specialist in Installation, Service and Repair of Centrifugal Pumps Based in Northern Italy

20.02.2018: AxFlow Strengthens Service Operations with German Acquisition

05.02.2018: AxFlow Strengthens Service Offer with Acquisition in France

16.01.2018: AxFlow Enters Baltics Fluid-Handling Market

24.10.2016: Flood Defence Pump Station at Grimsby Docks Gets an Overhaul

05.08.2016: AxFlow Introduces the New Eclipse Series of Metallic Gear Pumps

18.07.2016: AxFlow Grows with Strategic Acquisition in Sweden

10.03.2016: AxFlow Acquires Majority Share in AQS Liquid Transfer Ltd., South Africa

02.10.2014: Tilbury Docks Call In AxFlow for Impounding Pump Refurbishment

25.09.2014: AxFlow Introduces New Pump from Blackmer

23.05.2014: Magnetic Drive Pump Offers Containment for Liquefied Gases

10.10.2013: AxFlow Norway Acquires OE Solutions & Safe Supply

04.06.2013: AxFlow Introduces Universal Centrifugal Pumps

04.01.2013: Deluge Pumps for Heathrow Airport Aircraft Fire Training Fuselage

17.12.2012: AxFlow Supplies Fuel Transfer Pumps for The Coldest Journey

04.10.2012: Heavy Duty Self-priming Pump Introduced by AxFlow

28.09.2012: Diesel Transfer Pump Packages Built in Rapid Time by AxFlow

09.11.2011: AxFlow Acquires Thames Valley Pumps

12.10.2011: AxFlow Opens North East Service Base

21.06.2011: AxFlow Finland Acquires TM-Palvelu OY

09.05.2011: AxFlow AB Joins Forces with Chemo-Invest Specialpumpar

23.12.2010: AxFlow Launches Compressed Air Metering Device

08.10.2010: AxFlow Introduces Waukesha’s MDL Hygienic Positive Displacement Pump

12.07.2010: AxFlow Reduces Compressed Air Costs for Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

04.06.2010: Engineered Sealing From AxFlow

12.05.2010: AxFlow Acquires Hendriks Techniek Flevo B.V.

11.02.2010: AxFlow Ireland Acquires Combiflow

11.12.2009: AxFlow Offers Fast Build and Ex-Stock Availability for Its Latest Centrifugal Pumps

23.11.2009: AxFlow Give 70-Year Old Drysdale Pumps a New Lease of Life

29.07.2009: AxFlow Creates ‘Clean Room’ for Hygienic Pump Maintenance

27.01.2009: AxFlow Takes Over T.A.P.S.

26.05.2003: AxFlow Acquires Colfax Bombas S.A.


20.06.2001: AxFlow launches pan-European identity