Amarinth Ltd.

Bentwaters Parks, Rendlesham,
IP12 2TW Woodbridge (Suffolk)
United Kingdom
Pump manufacturer

26.06.2024: NPCC Awards Amarinth Another Major Order for API 610 OH2 Pumps

06.06.2024: Amarinth Secures Pump Order for FPSO Agogo in Angola

11.04.2024: Amarinth Leads the Way in Sustainable Industries

03.04.2024: Amarinth and EthosEnergy Form Strategic Alliance for Delivering Oil and Gas Pump Solutions in the UAE

13.07.2023: Amarinth Overhauls Safety Critical Oil Containment Skid Packages

20.06.2023: Amarinth Secures Order of API 610 Pumps for Another North Sea Project

02.06.2023: Amarinth Signs PE Energy as West African Agent and Approved Certified Service Provider

13.04.2023: Amarinth Secures Order from Azku Global Services

21.03.2023: Amarinth Wins Order From ADNOC for Ruwais NGL Trains, UAE

10.03.2023: Amarinth Wins Another Order for Bespoke API 610 VS4 Pumps for the Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq

22.12.2022: Amarinth Delivers API 610 OH1 Pumps to Kanfa for the Second Karish FPSO Oil Train

01.12.2022: Amarinth Wins Order of Titanium API 610 OH2 Pumps for FPSO One Guyana

25.10.2022: Amarinth Secures Order of API 610 OH2 Pumps from Yinson Production for Enauta’s FPSO Atlanta

23.09.2022: Amarinth Wins $500K Order for API 610 OH2 Pumps Destined for the Karachaganak Field, Kazakhstan

29.08.2022: Amarinth Delivers £1.2M of API 610 Pumps for the West Qurna-2 Expansion Project in Iraq

03.08.2022: Amarinth Becomes ISO 14064-1 Certified

25.04.2022: Amarinth Refurbishes Critical Duty Titanium Pumps for ADNOC

30.03.2022: Amarinth Delivers Bespoke Compact API 610 Vertical In-Line Pumps to the Yanbu Refinery, Saudi Arabia

14.03.2022: Amarinth Supplies Directly Interchangeable Pumps to Babcock for Refit of HMS Albion

16.02.2022: Amarinth Designs and Builds Pumps for Armada Madura FPSO

11.01.2022: Amarinth Delivers Vertical In-Line Pumps to EDF for Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station, United Kingdom

22.11.2021: Amarinth Wants to Become IECEx-Compliant Manufacturer of Mechanically Sealed Pumps

14.10.2021: Amarinth Announces Bumi Wangsa as New Agent in Asia Pacific Region

28.09.2021: Amarinth Delivers Multiple Orders of Centrifugal Pumps for the Tortue FPSO

23.06.2021: Amarinth Wins Order for Vertical Pumps for ADNOC Ruwais Refinery East, UAE

07.06.2021: Amarinth Supplies Interchangeable Vertical Pump for Kazakh Project

22.04.2021: Amarinth Supplies Pumps to Full Field Development Project Off the Coast of Abu Dhabi

31.03.2021: Amarinth Works with Archirodon to Overhaul and Update API Pumps for ADNOC

03.03.2021: Amarinth Delivers Titanium Pumps for FPSO Vessels in Brazil

08.02.2021: Amarinth and RentCo Africa Form Strategic Alliance to Provide and Finance Pump Equipment

04.12.2020: Amarinth Secures Pump Order for Processing Facility in Algeria

11.11.2020: Amarinth Delivers Pumps to Garraf Oil Field Development in Iraq

30.09.2020: Amarinth expands range of API 610 OH3 & OH5 and ISO 5199 vertical inline pumps

23.09.2020: Amarinth delivers low NPSH API 610 pumps to Technical Asia for Malaysian FPSO Helang

26.08.2020: Amarinth delivers API 685 Magnetic Drive pump to Sensia for offshore rig in Norwegian North Sea

14.08.2020: Amarinth Announces Strategic Partnership to Provide the Eastern African Market

26.06.2020: Amarinth secures order for API 610 VS4 pumps at the ADNOC Ruwais East Refinery, UAE

08.06.2020: Amarinth delivers low-shear nutshell filtration pumps to Arabian Industries

08.05.2020: Amarinth supplies interchangeable replacement vertical pump to EDF for Sizewell B Power Station

27.03.2020: Amarinth supplies API 610 VS4 pumps for the ADNOC Al Mandous oil storage mega facility

16.03.2020: Amarinth taps into oil and gas projects in Africa with new Territory Sales Manager

06.02.2020: Amarinth extends its depth and breadth in the Asia Pacific region with new orders from Yinson and Fatima

05.12.2019: Amarinth Secures Order for Bespoke Vertical Pumps

08.11.2019: Amarinth Delivers its First Pump Order from Lamprell to the Sajaa Gas Plant, UAE

10.05.2019: Amarinth Secures Order for API 610 Pumps for Kerteh Refinery, Malaysia

24.04.2019: Vertical Sulphur Pumps Designed for the Oil and Gas Industry

18.03.2019: Amarinth Secures Further Order of Sump Pumps for the Umm Shaif Super Complex

07.03.2019: Amarinth Offers Scalable Pump Seal Support System ATUs

24.10.2018: Amarinth Secures Order of API 610 Pumps from Iraq

22.08.2018: Amarinth Has Secured Orders for the Coral South Development Project, Mozambique

10.08.2018: Amarinth Delivered Pumps to Kazakhstan

04.07.2018: Amarinth Supplies Fully Interchangeable Replacement Pumps to Sellafield Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facility

24.11.2017: Amarinth Delivers API 610 VS4 Pumps to Metito for ADCO Al Dabb’iya Facilities, UAE

29.09.2017: Amarinth Expands in Kuwait with an Order from Gulf Energy for API 610 VS4 Pumps

31.08.2017: Amarinth Secures Order from Zadoc

27.07.2017: Amarinth Delivered Vertical Sump Pumps to Descon Engineering

24.05.2017: Amarinth Wins $500K Order for Solan Development Project in UK North Sea

11.04.2017: Amarinth Secures Order for Bespoke Pump Package from CCTC for ADMA-OPCO Offshore Platform

24.03.2017: Amarinth Enables East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust to Make Cost Saving

20.01.2017: Amarinth Secures Second API 610 OH2 Order Aboard the FPSO Egina

19.12.2016: Amarinth Delivers Complex “plug-and-play” API 610 Pump Skid Package for the Mariner Platform in the North Sea

27.10.2016: Amarinth Secures a Further €500K Order for the Al Dabb’iya Facilities Development Phase III Project

12.10.2016: Amarinth Delivers API 610 VS4 Pumps for Use in the Star Refinery, Turkey

31.08.2016: Amarinth Secures €500K order from Siirtec Nigi for the Al Dabb’iya Facilities Development Phase III Project

25.05.2016: Amarinth Delivers $1.2M of API 610 High Flow Pumps to Fjords Processing

25.04.2016: Amarinth Secures Order to Equip the Pioneiro de Libra FPSO with a Vertical Sump Pump Capable of Withstanding Heavy Seas

18.04.2016: Amarinth Builds Closer Relationships with European EPCs with an Order for API 610 VS4 Vertical Pumps from Cannon Bono Artes

22.03.2016: Amarinth Proves that Holidays are No Barrier when BASF Required a New Pump in an Emergency

26.02.2016: Amarinth Designs Innovative Low-shear Vertically Mounted API 610 OH 1 Pump for the Produced Water Nutshell Filters from AI Energy Solutions

28.01.2016: Amarinth forge ahead using leading-edge technologies to manufacture titanium pumps for the ADMA-OPCO Umm Lulu Development Project, Abu Dhabi

25.11.2015: Amarinth Delivers Bespoke Vertical Hydrocarbon Condensate Pump to Sonatrach Refinery in Algeria

21.10.2015: Amarinth Secures Order for $1.5M of API 610 OH2 pumps

09.10.2015: Amarinth Expands in Asia Pacific With Two Orders for API 610 Water Treatment Pumps

08.07.2015: Amarinth Launches API 610 VS4 Vertical Sulphur Pumps

08.05.2015: Amarinth Reconditions Pumps on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline

01.04.2015: Amarinth Provides Pumps With Acoustic Anclosures to Meet Offshore Platform Regulations

02.03.2015: Amarinth Delivers Variable Speed Drive ISO 5199 Pumps to Pura Food