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New Models add Further Versatility to the Lightnin Mixer Range

LabMaster (Image: SPX)

SPX Flow has announced the release of two new mixing solutions from its Lightnin brand. Designed for applications such as simple blending, solids suspension, high viscosity and gas-liquid applications; the GP2 (General Purpose) and LB2 (LabMaster and BioMixer) use advanced Lightnin impellers for highly efficient and effective mixing.

To ensure long life and reduced maintenance overhead, both mixers use a brushless DC motor and have automatic overload and over temperature protection. Impellers can be quickly adjusted through the use of stainless steel chucks and though shafts. Easy operation and control to ensure desired performance is further assured through the use an intuitive integrated digital control and feedback system with chemical resistant, sealed keypad. Both products will be available globally.

Lightnin GP2 Mixer
The Lightnin GP2 mixer is designed for multifunctional open tank applications requiring speeds up to 2000 rpm with maximum 9 in-lbs (100 Ncm) torque. It offers clockwise and counter-clockwise operation with automatic reversing capability along with a countdown timer with automatic stop to assist operators. It is a flexible, easy to use, lightweight, compact solution using rod and universal clamping configurations. A low energy LED mixing light further helps the user by making the mixing process more visible.
Designed for reliability and ease of use, the Lightnin GP2 mixer is ideal in a wide range of applications including the pharmaceutical research and development environment, universities, metallurgical mining processes for leaching ore, and many pilot scale mixing to prove processes before scale up to full production.

Lightnin LB2 LabMaster and BioMixer Mixers
The Lightnin LB2 mixer models offer excellent, precise mixing performance with automatic dual speed transmission that provides constant torque over the whole speed range. They have a zero torque feature (similar to a tare feature on a scale) and operate at speeds up to 2500 rpm with a maximum torque of 40 in-lbs (450 Ncm). These mixers are ideal for use in areas including paints, polymers, adhesives, bench scale chemical reactions, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biopharma applications.

The Lightnin LB2 LabMaster model has a choice of clamping systems; including rod, universal clamping and sanitary mounting, for flexible operation in both open and closed tank applications. The Lightnin LB2 BioMixer is designed for use in closed tank operations and offers easy upgrade from older models as it connects to all existing Lightnin BioMixer lower assemblies.

The GP2 and LB2 mixers are the latest additions to a wide range of innovative mixing and other processing technologies and services provided by SPX FLOW. They offer versatile, reliable and precise mixing solutions ideal for a wide range of applications. Comprehensive global support combined with the in-depth application knowledge and experience; give customers the confidence that choosing a Lightnin solution means they are getting the superior mixing performance for their application.

Picture: LabMaster (Image: SPX)

Source: SPX

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