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The New PrimAX from Biral

PrimAX (Image: Biral AG)

Since the extended ModulA range was launched in the early part of 2015, another high-efficiency pump, the PrimAX joins the proven range of high-performance and energy-efficient devices. It is particularly suitable for use in detached and semi-detached homes.

The new PrimAX is convincing due to the uniform Biral operating philosophy transferred from the ModulA and VariA, a high level of user-friendliness. It is operated with fewer movements on the clear and self-explanatory membrane keypad. The light display of the PrimAX gives details at all times of the most important information for setting the pump, the operating status and the current pumped volume.

With its above-average energy efficiency (EEI ≤ 0.15) the PrimAX is the best in class from the outset. In comparison with traditional unregulated pumps in efficiency class D, the latest pump from Biral enables energy and cost savings of up to 90%. Biral customers can therefore now benefit from government incentive programmes. Biral offers the PrimAX at a height of 3 metres and is the only manufacturer to do so. The range now also includes an 8-metre version.

A flow indicator displays the flow and assists with the commissioning of the pump, and a deblocking system (powerful vibration when starting) helps to loosen dirt deposits after longer periods of activity. The Biral Connector with screw terminals ensures fast and simple installation of the PrimAX. The inclusion of additional angled connectors in the scope of delivery also ensures that commissioning is as straightforward as possible. The heat shells used as standard ultimately reduce the time taken for installation and make further cost savings possible.

Picture: PrimAX (Image: Biral AG)

Source: Biral AG

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