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Caprari Sponsor at Festival Dell´Acqua 2015

Caprari Sponsor at Festival Dell´Acqua 2015 (Image: Caprari)

This year marked the third edition of Festival dell Acqua which took place in Milan from 5 to 9 October in partnership with Expo Milano 2015 and the Municipality of Milan, in the splendid background of Castello Sforzesco.

The Festival is organized by Utilitalia, an umbrella association for all the Italian Public Utility Companies governing local services of water supply, electricity and gas distribution.

Conferences, seminars, workshops and training initiatives for professionals, schools and universities provided a unique opportunity for international debate on water issues. The venue was meant to encourage discussions, relationships and exchanges of information between service supply organizations and industry. The event provides a high-level point of dialogue about major issues concerning the availability of water, its distribution and correct use.

Sustainability, nutrition, management, global balance of the resource and the condition of the integrated water system in Italy were some of the issues addressed by the many speakers during initiatives and events open to a public interested in technical subjects, but also in cultural, scientific and technological topics.

"Terre di confine - Freddas" in Senegal, an important initiative undertaken by Green Cross and supported by the Italian Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was also illustrated during the Festival: thanks to a pool of Italian enterprises, which the Caprari Group is part of, solar energy plants have been built for water supply, agriculture and for the sustainable initiatives of the communities.

The paper presented by Eng. Antipodi, R&D Manager of Caprari SpA, and Prof. Carravetta, Full Professor at the Federico II University of Naples, on the subject “Energy and Water", was a great success. Hydropower, energy efficiency and new technologies for installations and individual components were the subjects discussed in this session.

Alberto Caprari, CEO of the Caprari Group and President of Anima, Confindustria s Mechanical Engineering Federation, was asked to explain how industry optimizes the Water/Energy combination according to three guidelines: sustainability, efficiency and high technological value.
Alberto Caprari underscored the need for a Road Map able to promote the partnership between industrial technologies and utilities to support investments in networks. The President went on concerning investments in new technologies and materials related to water use and management underlining the importance to reduce energy consumption, but also to keep pace with the legislation governing materials and products suitable for contact with drinking water, currently being revised in Italy and Europe.

Alberto Caprari also promoted the idea of bringing service supply organizations, university and manufacturing research bodies together to discuss and set-up pilot projects, as well as the creation of specific masters tailored to create new skills. He then launched an appeal to simplify the procedures in tenders, thereby guaranteeing solutions that favour the overall most advantageous offer, the only logic able to ensure the highest possible level of reliability in the water service, over time.

Picture: Caprari Sponsor at Festival Dell´Acqua 2015 (Image: Caprari)

Source: Caprari

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