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The First Aftertreatment Technology for Single-Cylinder Diesel Driven Pumpsets

The after treatment technology includes a Vert certified Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). It is specially designed for use with small single-cylinder diesel driven pumpsets with minimal engine load and low combustion temperatures.

Key features and reduction facts:

The compact dimensions of the DPF/DOC after treatment system minimizes space requirements in the exhaust system and incorporates a number of features to ease installation and cleaning. These features ensure minimal work for the user due to the inclusion of technical preparations inside the exhaust system and a lockable cover on the outside of the canopy.

  • Reduction of Particulate Matter, PM > 95%
  • Reduction of Hydrocarbon, HC > 50% maximum 65%
  • Reduction of Carbon Monoxide, CO > 70% maximum 90%
  • Vert certified
Vert Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies:

The Vert Association is a non-profit organization established in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. An important function of the VERT Association is the testing and certification of diesel particulate filters. The association works worldwide with other relevant authorities in the development of clean air policies and in the design of programs and regulations for combustion engines and engine emissions.

“Our PT150 high efficiency wellpoint dewatering pump combined with the RF-system will provide BBA customers with the most environmentally friendly single-cylinder pumpset worldwide,” says Roland Berns, General Manager at BBA Pumps. “Nearly twelve months of research and development has led to this result of significant exhaust emissions. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to both durability and environmental stewardship,” he adds.

Source: BBA Pumps

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