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Engineered Products Group Pty Ltd (EPG) is proud to announce the arrival of the new solids handling self-priming pump, called the 'Super T series' from Gorman-Rupp. This new range of pumps incorporate the latest technology of the standard T series Gorman-Rupp solids handling centrifugal pumps used throughout the world for over 35 years in domestic sewage and industrial waste water applications.

New Improvements
The new 'Super T' series has been designed to double the life of the impeller and wear plate, enable the checking of oil levels and clarity at a glance (with the addition of a new sight glass for the seal/oil chamber) and allow owners to maintain critical wear plate/impeller clearances without time consuming realignment of belts, couplings and other drive components. This will cut 'down-time' and halve the cost of impeller and wear plate replacement throughout the life of the pump (drastically reducing cost of ownership when compared with submersible pumps or other self primers).
Some other improvements include pusher bolt capability on the removable cover plate and bearing housing (giving trouble-free access to the pump), and triple protection of bearings from any pumpage egress through the seal area, whilst maintaining atmospheric isolation of the liquid being pumped.
The new range comes with all of the features that T series owners have enjoyed for many years, including full 75mm spherical solids handling capability through all water passages of the pump (not just the impeller), and priming (and more importantly re-priming) to up to 7.5 metres with a dry suction line.
Also built into each and every pump, are safety first inclusions such as a large Teflon Gasketted fill port, safety pressure relief valve, and an over pressure žblow outÓ flap valve for those occasions when discharge lines plug or discharge valves are inadvertently closed. This means that operators are safe from injury and the pump is protected from damage.
Super T series pumps are expected to be well received by the food processing industry and all industries that require the efficient pumping of solids-laden waste water. Super T series pumps are available in three inch (75mm), four inch (100mm) and six inch (150mm) models, with flows from 5 litres per second through to 90 litres per second and heads to 40 metres.