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Moyno 280XT Elastomer Delivers Superior Performance

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group recently launched the Moyno 280XT Elastomer offering industry-best power and torque output combined with excellent fluid compatibility for reliability and performance.

It has been formulated to retain its superior mechanical properties at temperatures up to 375° F (190° C) when exposed to oil, synthetic and water based drilling fluids. The Moyno 280XT Elastomer provides exceptional reliability in the most demanding conditions – including HPHT and extended reach wells – while delivering the power and torque needed to raise the ROP of conventional power sections to new standards.

The Moyno 280XT Elastomer is:

  • Stable – Changes in 280XT mechanical properties average less than 3% in drilling fluid compatibility testing.

  • Tough – 280XT strength at 250° F (125° C) is almost twice that of UF100D and UF114.

  • Powerful – Delivers up to 65% greater power than conventional NBR and HNBR elastomers and 30% greater power than premium elastomers such as UF114.

Picture: Moyno 280XT Elastomer (Image: Robbins & Myers)

Source: Robbins & Myers

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