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Papantonatos Presents New PxFlow Series

Papantonatos presents the new powerful PX4-80 series and completes the super high head range in small and midrange pump series. The new series reaches up to 110 m head and capacity up to 180 m³/h with vortex impellers and drive motors from 37-93 kW.

The unique hydraulic design has the best comparable performance in this area. The new pumps are also designed for larger distances from the pump and a pumping demand of larger heights without the need of coupled pumps in series.

Advantages of the vortex impellers (vs. channel impellers):
  • The vortex impeller pump does not have any wear ring to wear down, and therefore maintain efficiency much longer with power savings and maintenance savings as a result.
  • smooth operation
  • larger ball passage

Well-known PX4 series characteristics at a glance:
  • Siemens motor parts insulation class H
  • Closed internal liquid cooling "Ecoflu"
  • Cartridge sealing system "Fast Seal"
  • Fast lock system
  • Sealed connection chamber
  • Motor inspection hole
  • Small amount of oil - environmental friendly oil
  • Cable entry on the side of the pump cover for easy installation
  • Possibility to rebuild other installation types
  • Available for wet, dry and portable installation types

Picture: Papantonatos

Source: Papantonatos


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