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Pump Controller Provides Clear View of Energy Usage

Xylem has launched a next-generation pump controller that provides a clear view of a plant’s energy consumption and the true cost of pumping operations. Unlike general purpose programme logic control (PLC) systems, Xylem’s Flygt APP 800 is specifically engineered to control water and wastewater transport systems.

Patrik Stolpe, business manager for monitoring and control with Xylem said, “The Flygt APP 800 from Xylem gives customers a better understanding of the actual cost of their pumping operations by showing the volume of liquid that s being pumped and the amount of energy being consumed to pump that liquid. The result is a detailed analysis of kilowatt hours per million gallons pumped, so customers know where their critical focus should be to improve energy consumption."

An embedded web server gives operators access to critical data from anywhere allowing them to monitor equipment, troubleshoot and identify trends, diagnose and resolve issues quickly and easily, all from a remote location. The end result is a pump station control system that provides ease of operation, flexibility and reliability, ensuring more uptime, greater energy savings and less operating and maintenance costs.

Mr. Stolpe continued, "Flygt APP 800 is pre-engineered and pre-packaged for instant use and can be connected to a SCADA system for seamless integration with very little engineering, particularly if it s a Flygt Scada system."

The APP 800 is modular and scalable, allowing flexibility to tailor for future expansions with just a few pushes of a button on a user-friendly touch screen. User configurable hydraulic algorithms allow operators to change the way the system runs based on long-term needs.

The APP 800 s new features include:

  • Enhanced system flexibility with state-of-the-art pump modules
  • Improved connectivity
  • A colour touch screen that improves user friendliness
  • Easy-to-use intuitive graphical interface that s simple to install/configure for dedicated applications
  • Full telemetry and alarm handling distribution, data logging and data storage, recording data, time and details for up to 1,000 events.

Source: Xylem

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