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Advanced Impeller Technology for Optimized Mixing Solutions

Chemineer impellers (Image: Chemineer)

Chemineer’s advanced impeller technology development has resulted in a wide variety of precision-engineered impeller designs for optimized performance in a broad range of applications.

The Chemineer impeller designs are the result of over six decades of research and applied application experience, resulting in the broadest range of durable and efficient impeller options.

The new Chemineer RL-3 impeller reduces expensive maintenance costs and downtime caused by fibrous material buildup. The Chemineer RL-3 impeller easily retrofits to existing agitators, provides safe and reliable operation and offers application versatility with a wide range of available sizes and materials.

The Chemineer XE-3 impeller is the company’s most efficient axial flow impeller for heat transfer, blending and solids suspension applications.

The patent-pending Chemineer Smoothline impeller features liquid-shedding surfaces and concealed hardware for enhanced CIP performance. The Smoothline impeller enhances cleanability, ensures product purity and optimizes process efficiency.

The field-proven stalwart of the impeller line is the Chemineer HE-3 impeller that is extremely efficient in creating greater fluid motion with less energy.

The Chemineer SC-3 impeller is engineered for deep tank applications utilizing a rolled blade design.

There is a Chemineer impeller engineered to fit the most challenging application from miscible and immiscible fluids blending to solids suspension and high viscosity fluid mixing.

Picture: Chemineer impellers (Image: Chemineer)

Source: Chemineer

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