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HMS Group to Deliver Specialist Pumps for Leningrad NPP-2

Hydromashservice, a subsidiary of HMS Group, signed a contract with Saint-Petersburg Design and Engineering Institute “Atomenergoproekt” for delivery of pumping units for boric acid injection system.

These units are delivered for the construction project of 2d Leningrad nuclear power plant (NPP) where Atomenergoproekt acts as the head contractor. The pumping equipment will be used in containment and emergency core cooling system of the plant.

Leningrad NPP 2 is located 80 km from Saint Petersburg. The plant will be equipped with light water reactor; the capacity of each power generating unit is 1198 MW, thermal capacity is 250 Gcal per hour.

HMS Group`s subsidiaries have long term experience in design and delivery of equipment for nuclear power industry. For the past few years the Group has delivered large lots of specialist pumping equipment to a number of Russian power plants, including Kalinin, Kursk, Balakov and Rostov power plants.

Source: HMS

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