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Moyno EF Leakless Stuffing Box Designed to Prevent Unwanted Environmental Issues

Robbins & Myers Energy Services Group has developed the Moyno EF (Environmentally Friendly) Leakless stuffing box that is designed to reduce costs and prevent the risks associated with unwanted environmental issues caused by leaking stuffing boxes.

Stuffing box leakage is a controllable issue that can be easily addressed with the installation of a Moyno EF Leakless stuffing box. Unwanted stuffing box leakage results in costly loss of product, unnecessary clean-up expenses and potential fines for environmental damages. This environmentally friendly solution is critical for all field installations. With a cost-effective return on investment, the money you save with this stuffing box goes directly to the bottom line.

A simplified clamping system ensures quick and easy installation – whether in a new installation or retrofitting an existing installation – to minimize downtime and reduce incurred costs. The Moyno EF Leakless stuffing box is adaptable to most electric or hydraulic driveheads for optimal versatility in preventing unnecessary fluid leakage at the wellsite. It is also designed to provide increased bearing support for enhanced stability and to eliminate premature internal drivehead wear, saving you time and money.

Additional features of the Moyno EF Leakless stuffing box are as follows:

  • Design features a floating primary seal, isolated in a fluid bath for reliable performance and long service life

  • Pressure equalization on the primary seal ensures effective, leakless sealing

  • Increased bearing support optimizes stability

  • Modified mounting procedure helps to eliminate premature internal drivehead wear

Picture: Moyno EF Leakless Stuffing Box (Image: Moyno)

Source: Moyno

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