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HMS Group to Produce Pumping Equipment for Minsk Water Supply Plant

Promburvod, a subsidiary of HMS Group, won a tender for the delivery of submersible electric pump units of EZV type for Minsk water supply plant (Republic of Belarus).

The pump units will be delivered to the Customer as a part of equipment renovation program of the plant. This equipment will be used to supply water from the holes with density up to 50 mg per liter. All-metal working parts of the units are produced without welding. The pumps are equipped with cable joints that provide for reliable life period in water.

For more than 130 years Minsk water supply plant has been providing Minsk residents and business entities with potable water and waste water disposable services. Promburvod has been providing this customer with pumping units of EZV type and the control station for them annually.

Source: HMS

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