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Integrated Pump Vibration Monitoring System Homa Vicon

Homa Vicon is a Monitoring System for early failure detection and reducing repair cost of submersible pumps and pump systems.

Homa Vicon is a new failure monitoring device, that detects and monitors all vibrations arising in a pump station and provides a detailed analysis of failure origin.

The monitoring system detects vibrations with a digital acceleration sensor inside the pump and processes data and frequency spectra, which allow to assign specific kinds of vibrations to corresponding mechanical failures.

Homa Vicon is able to separate:

  • Vibrations generated by the impeller or pump hydraulic, as impeller damages, clogging or inappropriate operation conditions

  • Vibrations generated by shaft bearing damages; bearing damages can be detected at a very early
    stage, before the failure starts to create further mechanical damages

  • Vibrations of the overall pump system, including valves and pipework (Veff according to DIN 10816 standard).

Homa Vicon components are a sensor, database and processor unit, which is integrated in the pump motor for processing and saving various vibration diagnosis data and frequency spectra, and the Diagnosis module, which displays the actual data and time series in tables and graphs.
The Diagnosis module is optionally available with an additional SD Memory Card for data documentation and statistical evaluation.

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