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Allmind Intelligent Pump Monitoring and Control System


Allweiler AG, a member of Colfax Corporation, is introducing the Allmind system, a new "Smart Platform" for Allweiler pumps.

The Allmind system facilitates intelligent monitoring and highly efficient control of virtually any pump. Continuous diagnosis of the pump complements the capabilities of the Allmind system. The results are dramatically lower maintenance and energy costs, elevated safety, and optimized control when bringing the pump to the desired operating point. The Allmind intelligent pump monitoring system uses common frequency converters for control purposes. The converters do not need intelligence because Allweiler s proprietary algorithms provide all control information.

The Allmind system is comprised of modules that can be combined as needed in order to flexibly adapt to individualized processes. The system offers the unique ability to implement a hardware-based platform that can handle everything from relatively simple condition monitoring to sophisticated monitoring and control activities involving multiple pumps. The system can monitor pressure, temperature, leakage, vibration, and output as well as activate PID controllers. Each pump can be individually equipped with speed control and the required frequency converter is an integral part of the new platform strategy. The Allmind system can be configured to trigger specific reactions for individual pumps, such as reducing speed and continuing operation at a safe operating point.

The Allmind intelligent pump monitoring system allows operators to plan ahead for maintenance and repairs, thereby avoiding unplanned production downtime and consequential damages. The system stores all sensor values and makes them available for evaluation purposes. An integrated assistant facilitates start-up without special technical knowledge. Compact dimensions, IP 54 protection, and flexible installation options (on a wall or DIN rails) make it easy to use the Allmind system in any industrial environment. Pre-configured settings for specific processes, individualized optimization, and straightforward retrofitting of existing systems are also possible.

"The Allmind system significantly lowers total costs (TCO), yet is more economical than comparable systems. As a result, it quickly pays for itself, even when used with smaller pumps and standard pumps," according to Stefan Kleinmann, Vice President of the Industry business segment and member of the Allweiler AG executive board. The Allmind system can be used with both centrifugal and displacement pumps.

Picture: The "AM 101" master module is the "brain" of Allweiler AG s new pump monitoring, diagnosis, and control system. If several pumps are in use, the "AM 201" satellite modules come into play. (Image: Allweiler)

Source: Allweiler

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