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Cutting-edge Pump Technology for Desalination Plants

Clydeunion Pumps is proud to present a comprehensive range of pumps for desalination plants covering all stages of the process from seawater pre-treatment to the distribution of produced water.

The Clydeunion Pumps HPRO High Pressure Reverse Osmosis is a radially split diffuser multi-stage pump designed to match the particular requirements of the desalination industry. In addition to superior efficiencies, the HPRO has numerous unique design features including:

  • Minimum through life costs along with maximum reliability in service

  • Optimised efficiency levels with hydraulics designed for each specific project duty

  • Extensive options for branch orientation: top-top, side-top, side-side opposing and sideside arrangements

  • Minimised foot print

  • Self-contained oil lubricated bearings eliminate the requirement and associated costs for lubricating oil module

  • Enhanced efficiency achieved through full radial diffusers, volute discharge and closed clearance composite wear rings

The HPRO pump offers customers a modern alternative, specifically designed for RO Desalination, to the traditional horizontal split casing high pressure BB3 product range.

Picture: The HPRO pump, a Clydeunion Pumps 2008 innovation specifically designed for Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Source: Clydeunion Pumps


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