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Varna Products Introduces “Xtreme Duty” Whisper Vane Transfer Pump

Varna Products is proud to introduce their new “Xtreme Duty” Whisper Vane Transfer Pump Model “XD4”.

Varna’s latest design draws on their successful lineage of pump designs and it is the sister to their popular Model EP4 Prelube Pump. The “XD4” continues their tradition of simple, innovative designs.Made of TYPIII Hard Anodized Aluminum, Carburized Carbon Steel, the “XD4” has shown to perform well in a wide variety of transfer applications where extreme temperatures exist for both high & low temperature. The “XD4” is currently employed in the field in 2 countries with different OEMs.

The “XD4” pump delivers up to 4 gpm (15 l/m) of oil flow, is self-priming, quiet running, utilizes Varna’s Whisper-Vane Technology and is for use with non-corrosive fluids such as oils and coolants. It can produce up to 60 psi (4bar) pressure at nominal voltages of 12 thru 24vdc. The “XD4” has a permanent magnet motor capable of doing an extraordinary amount of work for its size and can be used in certain continuous-duty applications.

The “XD4” complements Varna’s line of pumps and turnkey controls used in Prelube and Transfer applications in Experimental Flight, Fuel Cell, Off Highway, Oil/Gas, Over the Road Transport, Rail, Power Generation, and more.

Source: Varna Products


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