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Peristaltic Pumps Are Well-Suited to the Needs of Chemical Transfer

King Cobra Series (Photo: Wilden)

Wilden announced that its King Cobra Series Peristaltic Pumps have been designed to offer the performance capabilities that are needed in chemical-transfer processes.

Wilden’s King Cobra pumps meet the needs of chemical handling because they feature a simple, seal-free design that is dry-run capable and eliminates any potential leak points. This allows them to handle a wide variety of fluids, from those that are abrasive and aggressive to others that are sheer-sensitive, viscous or particle-laden. King Cobra pumps also have excellent volumetric capacity, making them well-suited to the dosing applications that are quite common in chemical transfer.

King Cobra pumps provide up to 9 meters (29.5 feet) of dry-suction lift, while their heavy-duty ductile-iron and stainless-steel construction allows for discharge pressures as high as 15 bar (217 psig). The pumps are available with a choice of three hose options: Natural rubber, which is highly resilient and has excellent abrasion resistance and strength; Buna-N, which is highly resistant to oily products; and EPDM, which has high chemical resistance, especially to concentrated acids, alcohols and ketones. King Cobra pumps are available in nine sizes (0.63” to 4”) with flow rates ranging from 0.10 m3/h t0 36 m3/h (0.44 gpm to 158 gpm).

Picture: King Cobra Series (Photo: Wilden)

Source: Wilden

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